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Full Version: Peer 2 Peer in the '70s
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How does it look P2P and freeware and warez in 2070?
What can you get for free on the 'Trix?

Commercial products like movies and Adobe Trideoshop and videogames, sure...but what about SERIOUS stuff?
Like hacking software, ICE, magical formulas, arcane library materials, etc?

How can this kind of file-sharing still happen considering the level of the Matrix security in 2070?
How can this kind of file-sharing not happen considering the level of the Matrix hacking in 2070?
It's pretty trivial to crack stuff. My rational is that software is kind of an arms race and a bit like viruses. I.e. about a day after a virus spreads our modern day anti virus corps are issuing patches.

Similarly if your stealth program gets leaked it'll be much less effective shortly.

If your agent gets leaked it's just asking to be spoofed.

Therefore prices are as high as they are because each one is a somewhat custom job. And hackers don't share.

I do generally make rating 3 stuff availible though. But you have to worry about viruses and malware and the usual.

Those are all up to GM interpretation, what I personally do allow that kinda stuff to be downloaded from the matrix, I would be very careful about where you download from......

After all you are downloading illegit software, and its from an illegit website.....
Ancient History
P2P will be covered in Unwired.
It's also, apparently, eternally in Beta (sorry, just went Gamma) if the JackPoint is any indication. nyahnyah.gif
QUOTE (Ancient History @ Apr 23 2008, 01:59 AM) *
P2P will be covered in Unwired.

allow me to be cautiously optimistic...
According to the SSG, P2P in 2063(?) was pretty much what it is today... But it could have changed with the new Matrix.
Rotbart van Dainig
The main book states that software piracy is the norm, rather than the exception.
The norm for anti-social, SINless punks like Shadowrunners, maybe. But good little SINners better make sure all their software licenses are in order!
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