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Full Version: Invoked Memory Stimulator questions...
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Is a Flashback System a fair substitute for an Invoked Memory Stimulator in cyberzombies? And is it possible to have a bioware version of the Invoked Memory Stimulator (assuming it's been researched by a corp with lots of nuyen)? I'm trying to create a cyberzombie without cyberware (though nanocybernetics are okay).

As an aside, what do you think about cutting edge cyber/bioware technology having more than the maximum rating (like Rating 4 Orthoskin or Rating 5 or 6 Muscle Toner?). Again, this is stuff that costs a LOT of money, so only the really, really rich are going to have access to it.
Eh whatever, I wouldn't even bother picking ware for a cyberzombie. It's a crazy drop-bear plot hammer to begin with and it should do exactly what you want it to. Further if none of you players have any reason to know jack about cyber-zombies (and they really shouldn't) you could "ret-con" the requirements behind there back.
Really, the only things the Players should know is that they're mean, nasty, not available to them, and are proof that they're in the wrong place, at the wrong time...
Heh, I need to stop talking about them out of game, then. wink.gif

Anyway, I do want it to be legit, even if my players won't know the stats. So, do you think a Flashback System could substitute for an IMS?

And what about exceeding the maximum rating for cyber/bio technology?
QUOTE (Morphius @ Apr 23 2008, 07:45 AM) *
Heh, I need to stop talking about them out of game, then. wink.gif

Yes, if you want it to have any kind of surprise effect... Unless you're talking about the usual chromey kind and the surprise will be it's all meat...

Anyway, I do want it to be legit...

You are the GM. Whatever you say is legit, is. By definition. don't fret too much about getting it "right", mechanically; there's no "balance" in the rules as-is cos they're scary freakazoid badness that you should probably just run away from. Just assign it some numbers that are *nearly* low enough for the party to beat... No point sweating the numbers when the whole concept is just a rationalisation of way to sidestep the Essence rules in the first place. Great inspiration, but even this simulationist reckons that arbitrariness is the way to go.

If you want them to find the blueprints as a way of discoveriong weaknesses, then, again, what you say goes in your interpretation of the world. If some corp has found a way to use a flashback system to replace the IMS, then all power to them. It might even be saleable information, if the party has the cojones to play ball with the other scary people making cyberzombies...
Per Raw you must have the Invoked Memory Stimulator, the Flashback would I think only give past memories. The Invoked Memory Stimulator also allows for the commands to be given, what that hollow sensation in the stomach means: Hunger. etc etc.
Okay. Thanks, guys. smile.gif
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