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Full Version: Wow, Ares is real!
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Wounded Ronin

Hey, how about it? Apparently there really was a gun manufacturing company called Ares.

Plus, there's something really funny about the concept of a businessman unfolding his briefcase into a SMG when some dudes are trying to kidnap him. The idea of a bunch of kidnappers thinking they've got it all pulled together and that the businessman is unarmed when all of a sudden he busts out a SMG on them is abstract funny pwnage.
Yep, it's been around for awhile now. biggrin.gif

Also, there's a modification kit available to hide a MP-5K in a Briefcase. You don't even need to unfold it, there's a trigger mechanism built into the handle.
It's funny, I pass a Zurich skyscraper on my way to college everyday. Gives me the creeps.
Kyoto Kid
,,,Arsenal in RL.

OK The Ares model goes into the book. Who needs sights when you have a Smartlink?
Apparently, Aztechnology is hiring. biggrin.gif
a Woman-and Service-Disabled Veteran-owned small business

I certainly hope I never become woman-disabled.
Speed Wraith
QUOTE (Fortune @ Apr 23 2008, 11:30 AM) *
Apparently, Aztechnology is hiring. biggrin.gif

Sadly, they're not publicly traded and the AZT stock codes seem to refer to Activision nyahnyah.gif
the german H&K has built one of those fold-up-guns from arsenal i think *g*
Frosty Medic
QUOTE (CircuitBoyBlue @ Apr 23 2008, 12:39 PM) *
I certainly hope I never become woman-disabled.

Wiser words have never been spoken.
QUOTE (Wounded Ronin @ Apr 23 2008, 05:36 PM) *
Hey, how about it? Apparently there really was a gun manufacturing company called Ares.

Ares homepage
QUOTE (Fortune @ Apr 23 2008, 06:30 PM) *
Apparently, Aztechnology is hiring. biggrin.gif

QUOTE (Speed Wraith @ Apr 23 2008, 06:47 PM) *
Sadly, they're not publicly traded and the AZT stock codes seem to refer to Activision nyahnyah.gif

And then there's Aztech. I think there must be an Aztech soundcard lying around somewhere here - about 10 years old...
Anyone seen "Romeo Must Die?" I liked the dudes who each had a snubbed version of the CAR-15 in their briefcase.
Kyoto Kid
QUOTE (MYST1C @ Apr 23 2008, 12:14 PM) * if their HQ was in or near Detroit instead of Melbourne FL. I'd be nervous.

Here's another one

Cross Technologies

....there are actually several firms named Cross (even one with an almost similar looking Logo) but this one is more in the same line of biz as ol' Lucien's company. Two of CATCo's divisions involved electronics & communications: Cross Advanced Electronics and Cross Entertainment & Multimedia (the latter being HQ'd in Atlanta, while the RL company is in Alpharetta, just to the north)

Then there's the logo (Seraphim? Angels? hmmm?).

Eyeless Blond
QUOTE (Speed Wraith @ Apr 23 2008, 09:47 AM) *
Sadly, they're not publicly traded and the AZT stock codes seem to refer to Activision nyahnyah.gif

Yeah, well that'll just have to wait until Aztechnology gets out of the women-disability business, start converting Mexico to a China-like Communist state, and buy them, for no other reason than wanting the stock code. smile.gif
It's not Shadowrun, but my last trip home found my old stomping grounds, the City Centre Mall (Now the Rainbow Shopping Centre), being patrolled by Umbrella Security.

Oh... Sorry... Ombrello Security.

Same logo, however, just a Maple Leaf in the centre.

BTW, the security guards HATE questions about zombies.
Wesley Street
Lord. All those websites are sooo ugly, especially the animated Ares splash page. What... is it still 1997? Come on coincidentally-named corporations! Be like my Shadowrun world!

Keeping my fingers crossed that by 2070 Aztechnology hasn't let the Guitar Hero franchise die! I'm assuming Horizon got Rock Band.
They will have guitar hero. Guitar Hero SM, or Guitar Hero - Subliminal Messages.

Player 1 : "Wow this song rocks.... and now I this urge to do whatever it takes to buy the new AZT comlink for no specific reason what-so-ever."

Player 2 : "Yes... and the AZT Soy pops... now in bland and tasteless flavor."

Player 1 : "Yes... lets all give into delishousness the Aztechnology way."
"Stufffffffffffffffffffffffffer Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack... Stufffffffffffffffffffffffffer Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack... Raaaaaaaaaah!"
Wesley Street
So here's a question for you: Do you think all video games in Shadowrun are wired directly into the Matrix or do corporations produce stand-alone box consoles that can be plugged into a trideo? I do remember the old SR v.1 intro adventure "Food Fight" mentioning that the Stuffer Shack came with stand-up video game consoles of some kind (Super Larame Brothers LXXVII or something like that). I can't say I would be very happy if a rival black-hat hacker got into my Rock Band game and started making me miss notes on purpose.
They mention those same arcade style games in the new introduction adventure published as part of the rules preview. I invision them as nodes you log onto and play within the store for a nominal fee.
My character Nas has an X-Station that he offers to let his Apartment Sitter's daughter play on while he's away.

It's in the Third Chapter of "A Night To Never Remember" (See Sig).
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