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Assuming the character is human, how many build points does Edge 8 actually cost, adding in the cost of the "lucky" quality? I've got it at [(10x6)+25+20] or 105 points. Anyone else wanna do the math?

the question is, does the 7th "dot" in Edge cost 25 pts, or the 8th?

Making a "Lucky Bastard" character with moderate stats across the board and a heavy listing of skill-groups; I'd rather do it right, or not at all.

Human Edge = 2
Lucky = 20
3-7 = 50
8 = 25
Total 95
With Lucky, the 7th point only costs 10. No matter what the score, only the last costs 25.

So a human(0), with Lucky(20), buys Edge to 7(50) for 70 and finally to 8 for 25-it's actually only 95 BPs. it's still quite a chunk...but Edge 8 is pretty powerful indeed. I mean, you could take the full 35 BPs of Negative Qualities to alleviate some of that-the whole thing would then cost 60-so you'd still have a whopping 340 BPs for Attributes, Resources, and Skills.
As a GM, I might also insist on a movement restriction due to the chaffing caused by the Horseshoe stuck up the character's hoop.
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You will never get my lucky charms!!! =p

*Hires a ShadowTeam to steal Mr.Slamm0s Lucky Charms*
QUOTE (CanRay @ Apr 28 2008, 02:41 PM) *
*Hires a ShadowTeam to steal Mr.Slamm0s Lucky Charms*

but due to MrSlammo's Lucky Charms the ShadowTeam can not find him. grinbig.gif Seems they always have just missed him.

Yeah, but imagine the chaffing from all that running. Cause a few hours in the bathroom with a tube of soothing cream. Maybe thats the idea.
*Increases ShadowTeam's Notoriety due to failing in the 'Run, and pissing off Mr. Johnson*
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