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I'm running a character from San Fran, who left after the twins hit. I'm trying to flesh her out a little. She's Japanese, inspired by the first line of a book, "My father lost me to the Beast at cards": raised by the Yakuza as a pretty plaything, and kitted with 'ware that keeps her alive rather than dangerous, she's fled to Seattle to make a life for herself. She will have lived through Saito and the earthquakes. Can anyone add anything, or point me in the right direction? I've seen the SR timeline and wiki.
First off if you refer to that sprawl as anything but [San Francisco, The city, SF, The Bay(Area), The City] you will seem like a tourist. I don't see anything in the SR timeline that would get us off of our high horse. I'm not sure if it's cannon or not, but at my table we consider SF to be a hot bed of Bioware... what it SF being hotbed of actual biotech.
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