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Full Version: Virtual Kidnappings In Mexico
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Zen Shooter01
This is interesting.;oref=slogin

Thats nasty stuff.

But ya, in some cases (SR wise) it might be useable if you know someone is incommunicado with whoever you want to blackmail. Why go to Yucatan to kidnap someone, you just need a plausible impersonation and a very short timeframe for the target to comply. smile.gif
Some people run this while in jail?? Why do I get an image of big telemarketing centers.

"Hello, uh, Mister Jeneric?" "Generic" "Yes, I'm calling to inform you of this great offer to get your daughter back, for just $1,000. What do you think of that?"
That bit about telling someone to turn off their cell phone for an hour for maintenance was clever.
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