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Full Version: Psionics And You
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Alright, so in my wonderful game I've been working on (you remember, the spacey one?) I've been putting psionics in. Since I'm still using the Shadowrun system with minor modifications, I've mostly been adapting the spells. Some of them don't carry over too well to the whole "mind maaaagic" schtick, so I'm wondering if anyone has or is willing to come up with some for me. Free cookies for all participants!

So far I've gotten

Major/Minor Psychokinesis - Levitate / Magic Fingers
Obsfuscate - Predator invis
Blend - Everyone thinks you belond
Matter Agitation - Burn making
Matter Disintegration - Power bolt
Destruction - Power ball

Thank you all!
Herald of Verjigorm
Mind blast - Manabolt/ball
Enhanced metabolic control - fortify body for healing tests
Empower immune system (there must be a better name) - extra body dice for toxin/poison resist/recovery tests
Mind-guard - basically a fortify willpower

Control manipulations should fit
Chaos, confusion, agony, and a few others should fit just fine
Detect truth, and some of the other detections should work as well
Ronin Soul
Don't have the books with me but any Illusion or Control Manipulation will fit in like a glove.

Also some detection spells would work for the purpose of Psychometry and Blue Veil type effects (FYI Blue Veil effect is basically being able to see into the instant future in case you don't know). Clairvoyance could stay as well.

Treat could work as Mind over Matter but I'd make it follow Heal rules with Treat time restrictions. In a psionic game, healing sholud be harder than a magical one.
Yeah, I was pretty much set on the healing being limited to the psionicist only. Thanks for the stuff. Anyone else want to step up?
Ancient History
Any fire spell: Pyrokinesis

Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Earth: Telekinesis!

Increase (Attribute)/Increase Reflexes: Telekinesis, again.

Hibernate: Telepathy!

Physical barrier: Telekinesis/Psychic SHield

Astral Barrier: Telepathy/Psychic Barrier/Mind SHields

Mana-spells, Shattershield: Psychic Assaults!

Detect (any of 'em): Telepathy, EMpathy, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Psychic Seeing

I'm serious, if you can't come up with a way to use just about any spell as a psychic power, you're not trying.
Some sort of effect for bombarding a target from all sides by small debris in the area would be neat. Damage level linked to what exactly the debris is, as per whatever that basic shotgun was.

QUOTE (Ancient History)
I'm serious, if you can't come up with a way to use just about any spell as a psychic power, you're not trying.

Sorry, am just occupied with massive volume of other work. Team is down to 2.5 people, soon to be two as soon as the wood chipper functions properly.
Ronin Soul
Some transformation manipulation spells could be applied but not all of them. Ignite could be done as could the one that creates ice. Any others?

Psionics can be just as broad as magic if you set your mind to it but I don't think that's the point. Psychic abilities are usually fairly limited. Personally if I was to do a psionics systems (as I shall for my BESM game) I'd make it more like Mage's magic systems; you have levels in different psychic disciplines that determine what exactly you can do. They can be combine too so if you had Telepathy (contact with foreign minds) and Telekinesis you could do a psychic assault (basically a Mana bolt type effect).

Just some thoughts at any rate.
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