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I was brainstorming character ideas and reading Adkinson's An Army at Dawn and I got to thinking that a former Quartermaster would make a great Dealer/Fixer contact. Then I figured if it was a decent contact, it might be a decent character concept. What sort of training does a Quartermaster go through? What skills would be appropriate? Someone in the Bundeswehr posted what skills he thought reflected his training--what would be different for a Quartermaster (any number of specialities are pretty interesting, IMO).
Crimsondude 2.0
Army Quartermaster School, Fort Lee, VA
Dim Sum
Whoa-ah! Good post, Crimsondude! I didn't even know there was a separate school for QMs in the US Army - nice.

Pavlov, I figure a QM needs mainly lots of contacts, a good logistics knowledge skill, business management skills, and some expertise in quality control. Based on the website sent by Crimsondude, I'd say add skills as necessary in addition to the above and complete with basic military skills.

Could be a nice character to play, actually, given the right type of campaign and a good GM. I once played a financial analyst whom they had extracted from a megacorp and the only useful skills I possessed in the team's view were my Pistols 3 (sport shooting), Rifles 4 (hunting), Stealth 3 (hunting) ... ie. until I invested their money (made more than their payment for their runs) and gave them insight into how corps worked and the dirty on who's who in the corp world to help them plan hits against corps. biggrin.gif
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