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so, yeah, i was curious about that
i'd have to say Ancient History, because i like his Style of writing, especially the Ancient Files . .
But Frank is a close Second for me, because he's most often dealing with the Cyber/Bio/Nano/Gen-Tech which is my favourite . .
Synner i can't really place anywhere somehow O.o

If i've forgotten somebody or a Choice please tell me and i'll try and add it in.
And please, let's keep things civil and on the positive side in here okay?
i don't really want examples of things people DON'T like about the guys supplying us with Stuff
Synner first, because most of the time I like his take on things (from what I can read on the boards).
I like AH's humor and I appreciate his work on his files, but I'm not so much into metaplots and magic thingies...
And I think you left out some great writers/freelancers, such as Demonseed Elite.
i don't really know what synner DID write . . somehow, the Name synner does not connect with a special theme in SR with me @.@
and i put demonseed elite in there, just as i said that i would add in others if people told me about writers i forgot <.< . .
i ain't really into all that magic and metaplot crap either, but i am a sucker for fluff, and Uncle Ancient is THOROUGH in his Files ^^
Synner (Peter Taylor) wrote a hell of a lot of cool stuff in Shadows of Europe. Or at least thats what I remember him for.

That said, I can't pick favorites of the three listed.
I've really enjoyed the work of AH and Demonseed Elite. However, my vote is for Frank. While he has come across a bit harsh on the boards on occasion, the stuff he wrote worked, both thematically and mechanically. Franks house rules are for the most part a great improvement to the game. In particular he seems to have a very good grasp on how the game mechanics affect game play.
Any reason you chose these particular four?

He's probably talking about today's (4th ed at least, since Frank isn't writing for Shadowrun anymore) writers... And he picked out the better-known ones.
'cause those are the only ones i know of being active around the boards . . and as i said, tell me if i forgot somebody and i will try and add them
Ancient History
Tiger Eyes, aka Jennifer Harding, did Los Angeles and Nairobi in Corporate Enclaves and a bunch of upcoming stuff.

Lars Blumenstein, aka LabRat, did the magical threats chapter in Street Magic, biotech in Augmentation and the entries for Europort and Hamburg among other things
I voted Auntie History, for his long time history and input to the Shadowrun History.
Plus how can I not vote for another Floridiot?

I think Fortune should be added the list: He is sink of knowledge and input in all versions.
ok, i added the three of them, now to get people to vote for them so they don't feel all sad if they get no votes *g*
QUOTE (Magus @ Apr 30 2008, 10:34 PM) *
I think Fortune should be added the list: He is sink of knowledge and input in all versions.


Damn! I voted too soon, and now I'll never get any! biggrin.gif
sorry crumbs ^^#
I'm not a writer for them any more, so I probably should be taken out of the pool. You'd do as well to have Dowd and Findley.

Shrug. I ain't a writer at all, and I'm there for some reason. The more the merrier, but I think if you add Findley into the mix, he would win by a landslide. biggrin.gif
ok, i added them in . . but i generally wanted to do a thread about you guys on these very posting-grounds so you stay in there Franky-Boy! ò,Ó
I still want my vote back! frown.gif biggrin.gif
so get someone to vote for you *g*
sadly i can't manipulate the votes more than anyone else
I nulled my vote. Shadowrun authors ar like my family: I love and hate them all.

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