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Full Version: Quick Question = Melee + Invis
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If you are invisible and attack someone in melee, does the defender suffer a -6 to their dice pool for defending your attack, and do they use Intuition instead of Agility?

Also, if they try to attack you (on their action) do they suffer a -6 to that attack? In addition do they use Intuition instead of Agility?
Using intuition and getting a -6 sounds like an ok, yet slightly weird house rule, but I don't think that's an actual rule.

Dodging is always with Reaction, not Agility.

So, to start, you resist the spell with intuition (plus spell defense dice if you have a friendly mage helping you, or are a mage yourself). This resistance is automatic and does not take an action, and should be rolled when you would first be able to see the attacker.

Now, assuming you have failed to resist the spell, you can not see them. As a GM, I would let the defender roll "perception(hearing)" against the attackers "infiltration" (with a negative to the attackers infilitration for attacking, and/or running if they are, etc). If they do not hear them, then they can not dodge the attack. They can only resist the damage. If they hear the person, I would let them roll dodge, but assign them a -6, though that is a house rule. I don't think there is any rule about that.

To attack an invisible target, you get a -6, and use your agility.
Don't have my books handy, but you use Intuition + Ranged skill when firing blind. I don't recall a similar rule for melee, however.
Agility + Weapon Skill, -6 for Blind Fire to attack an invisible target. If you are not aware of the attack(er), you cannot dodge. If you are aware of the attack, you dodge normally (Reaction, not Agility).

Invisibility spell is resisted with Intuition (+ Counterspelling if Active Spell Defense - don't get it, even if you are a mage, against spells you are unaware you are resisting if you do not declare active defense). If you fail to resist the spell, you cannot see them. If you succeed, the spell has no effect on you.

At no point do you ever use Agility or Intuition to defend, or Intuition to attack.
QUOTE (Muspellsheimr @ May 7 2008, 11:48 AM) *
At no point do you ever use ... Intuition to attack.

Except for when you do ...

QUOTE (SR4 pg. 141)
Target Hidden (Blind Fire)
A -6 modifier applies to attacks against targets that cannot be seen. This modifier normally only to attacks through opaque barriers or for indirect fire by grenade or missile launchers against unseen targets. Attacks against normally visible targets that are invisible at the time of the attack - for example, a character protected by an invisibility spell - also suffer this modifier.

Note that shooting via Blind Fire (including against hidden/unseen targets) uses the firearms skill + Intuition (rather than Agility).
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