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Another "No access to rule books when ideas pop into my head question.

My character is looking to build a semi decent cyberclinic,

Ignoring things like security etc, how much would it cost to set up the building and the tools.

I'd say a shop would do well for minor or "simpler" things: Spurs, datajacks and maybe even cybereyes etc. The book suggests that advanced facilities get a x2 or x3 cost multiplier, I would go with the x3 for cyber.
A kit, workshop and facility have a base cost: 500, 1,500 and I don't know.

The microtronic aspect includes a x3 multiplier.

There's a scale to give you an idea of the size required per job -- you can make repairs and modifications with a kit and build really small things, for example.

For a medical clinic to implant or install the 'ware is a different formula in the "Man and Machine" book which I haven't had occasion to review.

A Facility costs 100,000 base price.
For cyber the cost is x3.
I believe the Street Index is either 3 or 5.

So you're looking at 900k - 1.5m and that's just for the equipment alone.

On top of that there are building costs (or rent), unfortunately I have very little experience in this area but I would just add lifestyle costs on top.

I can't remember all the sugery rules but I seem to recall all major invasive surgery requires a hospital stay, which means a Facility (although I could be wrong on this)
Thanks guys,

A couple of mill is what I thought I was looking at.

Just trying to come up with ways of making money!

Thought this might be something slightly different
Another approach might be to simply rent the medical facilities from street docs.

If you have a reasonable Biotech, Medicine, B/R electronics you can still make some reasonable cash on the side.

Although you'd have to convince your GM that you're buying the cyberware parts wholesale and not paying list price in the book. grinbig.gif

Im not planning on doing the work meself (although I might learn) but have a good friend thats a cyberdoc so I'd just be bankrolling the operation for him.

Of course taking a slice of the pie as well cyber.gif
Yum Donuts
Street index only applies when you buy illegally. that's why some cars have a street index less than 1, because it's cheaper to buy a stolen one than a new one. So buying a Facility with street idex implies you're trying to blackmarket the whole thing: get the building from a slumlord, and get all the equipment delivered after it "fell off a truck" and with that kind of equipment, it's not too easy to come by. I mean if a shipment of 300 guns is missing 2, ok that could be a packaging error, but how many MRI machines go missing?
You'd probably be much better off hiring a high-end decker and getting a phoney ID set up (use fake credstick rules, and get a high-end one) then have that legitimate figment (possibly linked with some reasonably large company in another country, or a ficticious charity organization) buy all the stuff legally, wanting to build a legal Urgent Care Facility wherever you want it.
FYI an urgent care facility is like an emergency room but with less capabilities, they have them now. If you get a bad cut and need it stiched up, break a bone, or if you are very ill, or whatever, they can take care of you, but they don't have all the resources (i.e. cardiac- or neurosurgeons, or the same extended care capabilities).
Building a UCF close to the sprawl could just be seen as a charitable way to make some money while trying to reduce the casualties caused by the violence of the city. Heck, you may even be able to get some tax breaks if you hire an accountant to pull some strings and make it charitable enough. on paper.

Now with that said, there is a huge difference bewteen standard/alphaware and betaware+. for standard/alpha, you take the part off the shelf and then just need a surgeon to install it. for beta and higher, you also need an expert in cybertechnology, i.e. they need to be able to build the device from scratch, do tissue cloning, and assemble the ware right into the person. this means not only do you need a higher grade surgeon, but you need several other people on payroll. As a GM, I would allow the building of a standard ware fascility, but I would make them work their ass off to recruit beta grade equipment.

I'd also make there be downsides. for instance, what if people stiff your doc, and he wants you to enforce it? what if someone dies while in your doc's care (either because he messed up, or just because the guy was already too badly injured), and that guy's family/gangers/employers want revenge? what if ghouls contact you about an offer for leftovers? what if one member of your staff (a nurse or something) gets caught by the Star for organlegging? what happens if a corp like docwagon feels you're intruding on their turf?

There are a whole lot of "what ifs" and I would make you deal with all of them. it's a decent source of income, but you'll still have to work for it. and you'll also need to get the word out about your shop to build up business. I'd have the GM make the rolls for your doctor given the equipment you've provided him, and how good he does will depend on how many people this draws in (i.e. if he consistently gets not only no negative effects, but positive results from the surgery, word will get out, but the same will happen if he continually causes side effects).
Keep your GM hat on a mo Yummie

I'm thinking the facility might have a corp connection (more than likely a hidden one) as my doc friend is a corp cyberdoc (worth sending an assasin after at one point - GM has never said how good he actually is).

Any ideas how I could incorporate this as well?

There are specific costs for a medical shop. Check M&M pg138. (Rating+4)^3 x200. A rating 3 (aka not able to do alpha work) would run you 68,600. Thats for the equipment. A shop also has a street index of 2.
Yum Donuts
With a corp backing, the biggest thing they could do is make it look cleaner. launder some of the money, and maybe even set up a dummy company through wich to run your finances. they could also make any authorities that did notice anything odd leave it alone.
example: Government agent says, "Hey, this money supposedly came from this company overseas, but that company has had no other accounts in seattle, or anywhere else... Bobby, look into this."
now the 2 things Bobby can come back with is
A: "I tracked a paper trail to some name that registers as valid, but I'm having a hard time reaching him, and there is an unusual amount of money coming through this account from known fake SINs. I think it's an illegal shop."
B: "Ok, I looked into it, and before I got too far, someone called me. apparenly one of Renraku's docs saw IDed some runners who broke into the Arc, and to protect him from their vengeance, he's been set up in an annonymous dummy shop so he can keep working without fear of being caught."
In example B, the feds will leave you alone, but Renraku will be taking a large cut of your proffits, and also probably work out an exclusive trade agreement to only sell their ware. It would also mean you having to do some pro-bono work augmenting Red Samurai, and that Renraku might use you as a front for some other things, i.e. an ambush point on someone they want, or spying on customers. or even asking you to implant something like a tracking device or a cranial bomb in someone who comes into your shop, or maybe just take a ritual sample from someone who's under the knife.
Most corps would be willing to scrap the shop if it was in their best interrest, especially if they didn't pay for the equipment, and depending on the corp, you may be left in the lurch when they decide to double cross you for some reason or another. Hell, what if they directly "ask" you to start organlegging or feeding ghouls, or something equally reprehensible to get proffits up? Or as a front to find one of Novatech's main illegal cyberware selling contact, and then try and hit novatech there.
In any of these cases, you can trust that Renraku would cover their own trail, and leave you to blame for whatever consequences came around. If they REALLY like the Doc, they might get him out in time, but they'd still imply you as the mastermind who made the descision.
Depends on the Corp, but I'd also suggest that a smaller corp might want connections with a Street Doc for field research on cyberware use and testing experimental upgrades.

Corps might also want to launder illegal activities through Docs -- it's a great way to pick up connections with Runners who might be looking for a job.

Hell, if the Corp in question sponors a combat biker team, they'll want to know what kind of stress a new piece of gear can expect and can take which could be best proven by equipping unsuspecting go-gangs or street racers and analyzing the pieces afterwards. And the operation can pay for itself.

Alternatively, the Corp might be looking to develop and cultivate street ties and potential muscle for power shifts and actions against rival corps, although that's a tad more militant and easily traced than most would want.

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