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Full Version: Increase attribute spell question
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I was reading the fine print of the 4th edition increase attribute spell and had a question. It says the force must equal or exceed the (augmented) value of the attribute being increased. So does this mean the value before or after the spell is cast? For example if my logic is 5 and I cast Increase Logic to increase it to 8 would the force have to be 5 or 8?
5, I believe.
it would need to be 5. and of course, your hits would be capped at 5, if that were to come into play also (just clarifying that the limitation is in addition to the already-existing one, not a replacement for it)
Yup, what they mean is that if you have Str 3(5) and cast the spell, you'd need to cast it at 5 force or more, independently of how much you actually raise the attribute...
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