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Full Version: Mystic Adept question
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Hi all,

I've tried searching for this but not had any luck.

Page 186-187 of the BBB says "For every point of Magic invested in physical abilities, the character gets one Power Point that she can use to purchase adept powers. Every point of Magic invested in mana-based abilities grants the character one point to use with Magic-based skills. For all other purposes, including the determination of the maximum level for adept powers, the character's full Magic attribute is used." (emphasis mine)

Let's say that I have a Mystic Adept. His total Magic is 3, with two into magician stuff and one into adept stuff.

He can spend one magic point on adept powers. The max level of any power he can have is three. I get that. But what about the dice rolls?

Say he bought Agility Boost 3 (cos, hell, why wouldn't you?). To use this, you make a Magic + Attribute Boost Test. Does he use his total Magic of 3 for this (total = 6 dice) or his adept-powers Magic of 1 (total = 4 dice)?

Similarly for conjuring or spellcasting; I get that she only rolls her magician-related Magic of two when casting spells, summoning spirits and the like, but what's the max level he can cast/summon? Is it Force 3 (for Stun damage) and Force 6 (for Physical damage) or Force 2 (Stun) and Force 4 (Physical)?

What about if you're Aspected (pg. 26, Street Magic)? Is the list of things the penalty applies to exhaustive, or would it also apply to the Attribute Boost roll from above? What about a Disguise roll aided by Facial Sculpt?

My understanding is that the Agility Boost pool would be total 6 (3 Attribute Boost plus 3 overall-Magic), and that it's Force 3/Force 6 for spells and spirits -- and that the Aspect doesn't affect your adept stuff. But I just wanted to clarify that position!
Hi, the Shadowrun FAQ pretty much covers this in the Magic section, along with a bunch of other questions.

But in summary, the points allocated to Adept powers form the dice pool for Adept abilities, and the points allocated to being a Mage are the limit for spellcasting etc.

You only use the full Magic attribute for determining the maximum level of Adept powers that you can buy, and for non-casting situations such as breaking through barriers or determining your maximum Initiation grade.

Hope this answers your question.
The one place I didn't look! *blush* Thanks for that, you've cleared it right up.
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