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Full Version: Martial Arts and Maneuvers: A SR4 debate
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Ok folks here is a simple question. I am having a debate with a friend and need some assistance clearing it up. I am under the impression that where Martial Arts is a positive quality and thus counts towards the 35 point maxium, Maneuvers do not. What is the general concensus?

The reason I believe they are not counted towards the positive quality total but in a position more like spells is because why price them differently, in 2s like spells, when they count towards an odd priced total. If they do a character spending 15bps on martial arts who then spends 12bps to have the maximum 6 manuevers has spent 27 points of positive qualities. Now what is he going to do, he is loosing out on two points of another quality. Seems silly to me and more like they are intended more in the same field as spells. Add the fact that it doesn't say manuevers count as positive qualities, where as it says Martial Arts do.
Ancient History
Manuevers are not a quality and do not count toward the 35 BP limit.
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