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Full Version: Question about Enhanced senses
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I did a few searches, but could not really find an answer. Ok, some enhanced senses are a given, low light and thermo, but senses like hearing and smell? What do they actually do mechanically? Mind you, I speak of the critter powers hearing and smell. Critters powers refer to you adept powers.. adept powers refer you to the cyber gear section, but in the cyber gear section it says you get bonus dice per rating... but I cannot take them as a rating because its not technically cyberwear. Confusing me very much. If anyone could clarify to me how this works, I would prevent me from tearing up my book, and I really don't want to do that, so yea.. rotfl.gif
Crusher Bob
No real help from the rules, but the simplest way to do it is to say that you can make a regular perception roll to notice things that would normally be impossible to notice if you didn't have the enhanced sense. So you get to make a perception test to see if your enhanced nose picks up the invisible guy, while a guy without an enhanced nose would have not gotten the chance to roll at all.
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