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Full Version: Who is Lars J. Matthews?
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For a period of ten days beginning on 14 February 2057, Lars J. Matthews will cease to possess any legal status. He will be stripped of all evidence of legal existence, including SIN, credsticks, DocWagon contract, bank accounts and so on. To the individual or group who ends Lars J. Matthews’ physical existence during those ten days, I leave all of Matthews’ assets and 1 million nuyen for a job well done. If Mr. Matthews survives and can prove his identity, his legal status and all possessions will be restored to him. Haven’t you heard? Never deal with a dragon, Lars

First question is who is this Lars J. Matthews and what did he do to Dunkelzahn?

Second qustion, Dunkelzahn died in 9 Aug 2057 and his will was read on 15 Aug 2057. But in his will it say 14 Feb 2057, Lars J. Matthews will be, basically, hunted for the next ten days. He wasn't president then and I don't think he wasn't asking someone to go back to the past, so... WTF? Was there any errata of the Will?
Things like Wills are constantly in flux, and with those the size and breadth of Dunklestein's, are constantly in need of revising. It merely looks as if we have the latest version of Dunkleberry's will, before he had a chance to update it.

As to Lars himself ... dunno!
I think he is there just so that the dev's would have a chance to use that street proverb once again.. but then again, wizworms are known to hold grudges.. for a couple of generations..
Daier Mune
personally, i think this would make for a great 'Smokin Aces' themed run.
Oh... Oh this gives me so many ideas... vegm.gif
QUOTE (lkim @ May 19 2008, 11:38 PM) *
First question is who is this Lars J. Matthews and what did he do to Dunkelzahn?

quick guess, random plot hook for the gm to run wild with.

the most telling thing is this:

AH got nothing on the guy wink.gif
Probably someone IRL (or at least someone with a name close to this one) who pissed off the guy who wrote the will. wink.gif
I think that little tidbit is overly sappy GD fanboyism. "Ooooh, look, Great Dragons are godlike creatures that toy with our fates at will!" I'm not even certain it would be legal to publish this part of the will. I'm assuming UCAS law is going to be similar to US law in that you're not allowed to publicly incite people to violence, much less solicit what amounts to a murder-for-hire deal. Even if you ARE a Great Dragon, and even if you DO happen to be president at the time. If the authors wanted to revisit that saying, they could maybe have had Dunk say something like "nyah nyah nyah, I'm president, DEAL WITH IT!"

Of course, I don't know if GDs even exist in my game...
Since, by definition, he's already dead by the ime they're reading his will, I'd imagine he could write whatever he wants in there. It might not be enforceable, but they're not going to arrest the corpse.
Who says he was going to go about it legally?

That could just be the message to a team of Deckers to rip the guy out of the SIN system and let it go from there.

Or, who says it's even a legitimate request, and not a secret code to some operation as for what to do, with the date previous to his death meaning something else entirely.

Plans within plans within plans. Remember, Great Dragon that played around with the entire WORLD for 15-someodd years AFTER he died.
Talking to the Catalyst kids at GenCon last year (and hopefully this year too) anything is game. They tend to leave a lot of open hooks for GM's to exploit. It is a hands off approach which is interesting. I should ask if there are any open gaming licenses for SR and write a colaborative forum for players interested in fleshing out the source book sandboxes. Love to make people places and things happen in the SR world in a collaborative creative commons community.
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