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Full Version: 'nother Ie/ed Question
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this is just another IE/ED question (sure do seem to be alot of them on this forum now dont there)

what is the canon on how IE's were created in ED? Im talking the first of them not this modern imitation prick ur finger stuff.

and in the case that it is the prick ur finger on the everliving flower stuff, then where did the flower come from?
The IE's was created in the second world by dragons mating with elves, in order to create immortal servants for the dragons. Lofwyrs brother Alamais(e) was the first to create IE's and is also believed to have created the most of them. At some point during the second world the IE's rebelled against the dragons and there has been a strained relationship between them since. Following this rebellion the dragons decided to ban any further creations of IE's. Alachia is believed to be the oldest surviving IE, dating back to the second world. The elves that are descended from the dragons carry a immortality gene, how, why and under what circumstances this gene activates is a matter of some discussion.

This is just the short version of all this. I would suggest that you visit Ancient Historys site, since it has a lot of info on IE's and GD's.

If you want the full story, go to the " old forums " and search under Alamaise, there is a thread called " the Alamais(e) conspiracy 2.0 " that has all the information you require.
Ancient History
*cough* It's not canon per se. Rather it is conjecture and the fact that so many of them from back then are here now.

It appears that Immortal Elves are the result of dragons mating with elves; and that said childer were...changed via magic. That is, it seems some of the dragonkin might have been changed to become more powerful, longer-lived servants, and it turned out that their kids could become Immortal too; by inheriting the right genes (and possibly having full IE status attained by some magical ritual. Rather rough on that spot.)

On the other hand, Alamaise might ahve just boned some elf chick and she happened to get pregnant and his daughter happened to have some kids and eventually the right mix was found and badda-bing! you got an IE and he had kids and one or two turned out to be IEs.

Really could be either way.
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