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Full Version: SR Stats for RL Rotordrone
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I've tried to resist the urge to post this here. Really I have. The urge to share is just too great however.

So, what would be the stats for these drones? [ 18+ / NOT Safe For Work ]

(For those looking for context, Chess-Grandmaster-Turned-Politician Garry Kasparov is at the center of a moment that opposes the Putin government and seeks to restore democracy to Russia. Members of a pro-Kremlin youth group took advantage of apparently lax security at a recent political conference to try and disrupt the proceedings in their own unique way.)
Obviously Body 0 judging by that bodyguards vicious Unarmed Attack... very funny.

I think the Explosive Self Destruct option in Arsenal would have been a sweet option for these babies...
Daier Mune
In deed.
QUOTE (Method @ May 21 2008, 11:46 PM) *
Obviously Body 0 judging by that bodyguards vicious Unarmed Attack... very funny.

Body 0 is typically under 10cm. Those looked to be more in the Body 1 range (10cm - 25cm). However, if we consider the case of a Body 0 drone that's been given the "Special Machinery" Mod in the form of an external covering/attachment, that'd explain the discrepancy.

Closest stock drone is the Fly-Spy, which despite being described as the "size of a large insect" is listed as a Body 1 Minidrone instead of a Body 0 Microdrone. Nevertheless, it's probably the best choice for a starting point (If anyone's really fixated on this being a Body 0 drone so humorless Russian bodyguards can effortlessly beat them off with a quick pump of the arm, just say that it's a Fly-Spy that's been stripped down to accommodate the external covering).

If we were making the 2008 version of this, you'd just slap some appropriately molded latex rubber over the thing and call it a day. For the Shadowrun version, I'd use the most notorious implant from Augmentation, equipped with a cybergland reservoir for added realism.

A third video [ 18+ / NOT Safe For Work ] has surfaced, this one with added audio taken from the Heavy from Team Fortress 2. Comedy Gold!
Mimic option from arsenal for a more...realistic display.
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