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Full Version: holy DNI, batman!
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if i understand the summary right its designed to be able to move around to find the best connections after being implanted!
It steers itself, that is new and pretty handy, it'd suck to have to crack your head open every time your brain remapped itself due to injury or design.

I think this is related to the work they've been doing with primates, generating 3 dimensional movement via reading brain activity. Exciting stuff for... well all kinds of reasons.
Sounds like a hill climbing algorithm. It takes samples at one part of the head, comparing the usage of a neuron with the actual output (arm moving), then tries to find a better spot that has a higher correlation. Sounds smart. I guess you would have to train it so it can figure out what part of your brain controls what. Sounds a little like a trode.
well it is a trode, its just that you get a much better signal from reading straight from the neuron then trying to read the neuron thru bone, skin and other body parts.
Speed Wraith
Freakin' Sweet!

I just showed a coworker of mine that article, he said he'd volunteer to be a perfect "corporate bitch" to have one of these installed nyahnyah.gif
Robot-android chimps? Sure, that's just what we need.

I'll take 2.
I want robot rats. I love rats.
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