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So question, with all the massive changes that the world has gone trough how has the San Andreias(sp?) Fault held up?

Are the people of California in danger of falling into the ocean?

Just a couple of thoughts chime in let me know what you know or beleive to be true.

As always thanks for your thoughts and time.
Well, there was the gigantic earthquake in YotC. But I don't think they're in danger of falling into the ocean.
damn sarcastic.gif
While the YotC quakes were not specific to the San Andreas fault but actually did a job across the entire Ring of Fire (Japan included), if you're really looking for something catastrophic to pull there's always the reference in Threats(1) that Winternight is planting nukes in deep mines next to fault lines...

Whatchoo got against us Californians, eh?

i live in Cali have all my life..... oh my god i just said Cali shoot me now! dead.gif

what the hell am i doing awake at this hour....... to much coffee.

I like california. I have travelled up and down the coast from san diego to sacramento by foot by car in the last four years. I just have to wander sometimes, and i'd like a little new scenery........................ off topic sorry.

Crimsondude 2.0
California won't fall into the ocean. It'll slide up into Alaska.
Playing Games
Here is the thing.More people die in new york state from cold than people in in California die from earth quakes.In fact the last three major earth quakes do not add to the death rate of one year in New York City from cold.

So,let's make this clear.Earth Quakes are not that big of a deal,until you start loking at damage over thousands of years.
While deaths in New York may be greater the question i was wanting to get feed back on was:

With the mass changes how has the San Andreas Fault faired?

Now some things have happened in the ring of fire. Ok that is of interest to me so now the question is:

With all that is going on in "the free state" as well as around it, what are the chances that something could go very wrong and cause it to break apart at the fault line?

If it does break is Crimsondude 2.0 right or will it go under?

Thoughts? Comments?
Crimsondude 2.0 was kidding.
California isn't being held up by anything that can break. It's just on a different techtonic plate than most of the US. The most that will happen is that the Sea of Cortez will go farther north, and maybe even create Los Angeles island. Of course, everything more than 2 feet tall will be shaken and stirred, but nothing will "fall into the ocean".
Frag-o Delux
The only thing I remember from the California Free State book was that a quake hit and destroyed LAX and then they built a new airport on some kind of man made island. I don't remember much else my group hasn't done much ork in CFS in years so I am not up on it. Except the Saito stuff.
What we're all trying to say is forget Superman: The Movie.
QUOTE (Bearclaw)
but nothing will "fall into the ocean".

Except for unlucky Shadowrunners...
QUOTE (Playing Games)
So,let's make this clear.Earth Quakes are not that big of a deal,until you start loking at damage over thousands of years.

I don't know how much people die each year in New York from cold, but I'll make a guess and add: ...not a big deal, when you're nowadays living in California or Japan. Mexico in 1985 wasn't a pretty thing. [googling]
Crimsondude 2.0
QUOTE (Fortune @ Dec 14 2003, 01:17 AM)
Crimsondude 2.0 was kidding.


The plate most of California is on is shifting northward, not eastward. If you look at any reasonable projection, thousands of years from now most of California will be in the Gulf of Alaska.

And fuck the Superman movie. I'm right, and the pinhead who wrote it wasn't.

Moreover, California is only safe from eathquakes now because it wasn't before. If enough people die because of something fixable (eathquake survivable structures), sooner or later someone's going to demand it be fixed. Hence the very, very strict building codes in California to prevent such damage. Duh.
QUOTE (Crimsondude 2.0)
QUOTE (Fortune @ Dec 14 2003, 01:17 AM)
Crimsondude 2.0 was kidding.


A bit rude, but cool. I have heard differing opinions from other qualified geologists. smile.gif
I thought that the western plate was the one moving northward, I guess im mistaken.
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