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Full Version: not just catalyst mess up "april fools"
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seems that some things cant be made unbelievable by going over the top these days wink.gif
So are people becoming more gullible or what? Their critical sense has abandoned them? What's the explanation?
Oracle's in the internet! So it has to be true! biggrin.gif
This is another example of a not-funny joke that nobody will get except the writers. There is actually nothing to indicate that the story is a parody. It's wild, but it's not over the top, everything in it is possible, and the few details that add a funny taste to it don't definitively show it's a joke. If someone wants to see what parody news looks like, they should read the Onion. Jokes aren't funny unless they have a punchline, and a story that's crazy but easily could be true really doesn't have one. The only punch line is 'haw haw, got you, ya retard!'
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