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Full Version: Are creation spells allowed?
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Otaku On Acid
I'm trying to recreate wacko from teh animiacs using the cartoon shaman totem. I wanted to be able to do the trick where he reachs into his bag and pulls out a giant mallet. I thought orginally a spell that created a small dimensional rip would be effective, but evidently that is impossible with current magic leves. So a friend of mine suggested a Create Mallet spell. Can I do this? What would the drain look like?
Ol' Scratch
There is a precedent with spells such as Create Food. It's entirely up to your GM, though.
It's not necessary to create something that stays behind. What you're talking about is just a limited range Clout. The fact that it looks like a giant mallet being pulled from behind your back is just what your limited range clout looks like. Heck, name it Mallet.
And your Clout looks like an anvil falling from the sky.
Chaos looks like squirting a bottle of seltzer in their face.
etc etc etc
Well, it's just a question of roleplay , let you PC do the description of his spells , they don't have to BE cool , just to LOOK cool
The Cheshire Penguin
what about create antimatter?
QUOTE (The Cheshire Penguin @ Dec 15 2003, 02:48 AM)
what about create antimatter?

Simple, come up with a generic "Create Matter" spell and perform it backwards. Read Terry Pratchett novels to see why this is a bad idea.

And since Shadowrun magic only requires thinking about the spell, not chanting or gesturing (unless you have a geas), you would have to think backwards.

Try that, if only for the sake of my own curiosity in whether you can actually do it.
Sure, but it always appears in the mage's hands.
Even better.
There is a strong precident for "create" matter/energy in SR, as has been pointed out. I am currently working on a create sword/shield spell for my geek mage (way too much Advanced Other Game 9th ed. for him), which would create a sword (and maybe a shield) which could be weilded by anyone (so it's "real," not merely a combat spell effect), but which vanishes when the spell is un-sustained.

The neat thing about SR magic is that a) it just kinds of "works," but at the same time, b) can be studied and modeled empirically by hermetic scholars. I see no canon reason why (so long as you know what you want to make), you could nnot design a "create mallet" spell. Just realize you're going to get "distinctive style" as a flaw pdq.

As an aside, my favorite use of "create food" occured just a few weeks ago, when I made hot roast beef sandwiches for three humans, and a pail of slops for the accompanying pig.
That being said, it's probably *easier* to make it a visual component of a clout spell, but where's the fun in that?
Virtual Weapon spells?

A physical Illusion tied to combat magic or maybe a manipulation spell that creates a virtual weapon that acts or all intents and purposes like the real thing except it's limited in Force = OR (for breaking the virtual weapons) or perhaps Damage is Force L(unless yuo get more successes on the cast) Then it can stage to Force D

I dunno, I think it woudl be possible sort of. +2 sustaining of course, but a foci would be cool for it.
Ol' Scratch
On a semi-related note, this is also a splendid use for spell fetishes. Nothing's cooler than using a toy raygun as the Drain-reducing fetish for your Laser spell, especially if you have a Buck Rogers Space Commander helmet as the fetish for your Armor or Deflect spell.
*Runs around with a Raygun doll that shoots lasers from its eyes*

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