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Full Version: SR3 HC Limited Edition for Sale on Ebay
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FYI for those of you who are looking to score one of these limited edition hardcovers.

SR3 Limited Edition Hardcover
does it fall apart like paperback sr books been through three SR3 books in couple years. thats with taking care of em. getting tired of pages falling out of books that are only a few months old sarcastic.gif
I've used my HC since I bought it new at GenCon a few years ago and its still has all its pages. I use it alot since I never bothered to buy a SC version it is my main book. But to be honest i don't think its worth 100 bucks or more depending on where that bid goes.
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The hardbacks are really cool, and much sturdier than the paperbacks.

That said, what the Hell do you people do to make your books lose pages?
I read mine in the shower.
The glue in the old editions sucked, I think. There is more duct tape than book on my SR3, wherever she is...stupid fucking retards lose my book.
As Adam posted at one point or another; WizKids/FanPro uses the same company for binding that FASA did. That said...

Maybe it's just the quality of the glue increasing (As I said so many times in that post). Anyway.

I have a softcover (used) SR2 core, and a hardcover (used) SR2. The hardcover is actually missing several pages, and the softcover is holding up very well, despite being banged around inside of a backpack, and sometimes a suitcase.
Four words: spiral binding at Kinko's.

I went to the trouble of getting this done (about $20 for four of my SR books, to get two spiral "tomes" of four books bound back to back) some months ago, and haven't had any trouble since. The spines on the SR3 rulebooks simply give out far too easily to do anything else with a book you're going to use regularly.
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Like I said, I never had that problem. Although I did spiral-bound a copy of the Dragons PDF (Didn't like the look of their perfect binding)
Ah, did you ever buy Matrix? I have a copy still sitting in the slip wrap, and it has a page falling out. Im scared to open it before I get it bound.
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I have no problems with my copy of Matrix.
I think it's pretty well established that a portion of the Matrix print run was not up to the quality of the rest of the print run -- my copy is fine, but there have been enough reports of it falling apart that I'm sure something slipped during the printing/binding process.
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