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That's fantastic. This is one of the most functional limb replacements I've seen... It's only a matter of time kiddies... only a matter of time.
Heath Robinson
Holy shit, open intefaces!

I knew all the tech going into the arm existed, it's cool to see it all come together into that package, though.
That is seriously awesome.
Wow. That is incredible.
I saw an article a couple months ago about a very functional hand replacement that had a number of preset but useful settings (pick up small thing, open key, push button). This is an order of magnitude more complex than that. I also like how they've developed a great number alternative control schemes pending actual DNI.

The vibrating buttpack is another awesome touch. If they're doing what I think they're doing a person who uses that system will actually see some remapping going on in their head in response to the vibration generating feedback for the limb. What that means is that they'll begin to automatically judge grip strength similiar to how they did when they still had their limbs.
D Minor
That is so cool on so many levels. nice find
i like how you can use it even with your limbs still intact. imagine able to use it while still using your arms... or even eventually learning to use multiple arms (such as 4 at a time) or arms having beyond the normal articulation of a regular person, you can almost become doc ock... hmmm...

The human arm has, I believe, 33 different possible movements. Early synthetic arms were capable of duplicating three of them. As of about two years ago, mechanical arms could duplicate fully half of the movements, and could be installed into (and thus controlled by) the human nervous system.

In approximately 5-10 years, replacement limbs will be capable of duplicating every movement a natural limb is capable of, in addition to some it is not, be stronger & more durable, and be integrated into the nervous system to the point you have the same control (or close to it) that you would a natural limb. The only thing left that I am unsure about, is how well / if they will be able to transmit tactical sensitivity to the user's brain.
I personally dislike the use of targeted reinnervation as a method for control of the limb. It's less invasive than (still-experimental) electrodes in the brain, but it's also using "old" nerve tissue, and requires further damage to and reconfiguration of the body in order to work, which requires a LOT of "rewiring" in the brain to learn to use the prosthetic, as opposed to the electrodes, which has been shown to have a very gentle learning-curve for the patient.

But, if this is the tech we have now, and it gives somebody increased functionality, it's not a Bad Thing. It's just less good than I think we're capable of.
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