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Full Version: Question Regarding Delay Damage
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I have three questions regarding Delay Damage Adept Power

1. Does Impact Armor protect against Delay Damage attacks. At first, I thought yes, but then I reread the power and it states that the power converts the unarmed damage to a "magical charge" (reminiscent of combat spells) that lingers on the opponent's aura. If you answer yes to armor protecting, what happens if you are in armor, struck by an adept using delay damage and between the time the attack activates, you remove your armor?

2. Can an adept have delay damage trigger instantly? I was thinking this more for Delay Damage Silent, since an adept could use just a casual brush to levy a full attack on an opponent, regardless of leverage and all those things.

3. Can Delay Damage be combined with Distance Strike?
1) Not the way I see it.

2)Again, the way I see, make the delay time insignificantly small. Sure.

3) See another threwad where this arguement is taken place...In my mind Distance Stirke isn't a melee attack. It is a ranged attack that uses your unarmed skill over a distance, thus, no. However if your ruling is that Distance Strike is a full melee attack, then yes you can.
1. yes, because the rules don't say otherwise. however, since the silent version is very often used under surprise conditions--which means no counterattack--you can probably call your shot and bypass armor.

2. probably. there wouldn't be any real game effect, i don't think--don't have my books with me, so i can't be sure.

3. i say yes. others say no. see the Distance Strike thread for the debate.
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