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Full Version: Solo Missions ?
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I wasn't sure which forum would garner the best results, so I posted it in both.

Is it possible to run SR02 Missions with only 1 or 2 characters? If so what adjustments need to be made?

Thanks in advance

I would reduce the Table Rating (TR) by at least one point. Often the Number of enemies encountered is linked to the number of runners present, so that is fine. If that is not the case, you have to adjust the number of enemies at your own discretion (be extra careful with spirits if there is no magician).
Screamin Demon
I ran a two person shadowrun for a couple players because everyone else was in chargen or part of a late carpool. One was an impressively effective ambushing ninja character who really did a good job being all sneaky and murdering impressively large groups of people on the first turn of combat. The other was a Technomancer who raped the cooperate system fairly well. It went surprisingly smoothly. So in answer to your question I would say yes, if they are smart players who can really work together they can really pull some shit off.
My shadowrun game has only two players, and we run the denver missions. We do okay because we run a cinematic game. The players get hits on 4 while the bad guys only get hits on 5 or 6.
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