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Full Version: well armed drone!
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"The MAARS bot can be equipped with a 40mm grenade launcher or a M240B medium machine gun as well as a laser dazzler, loudspeaker, or pepper spray when killin' ain't in the cards."

or? i would say it looks more like and wink.gif

it looks like something ripped straight out of deus ex biggrin.gif
Does it come in a Luxury Sedan? Because I want one for when I'm driving in heavy traffic.
dont think so, but maybe you could get it roof mounted on a suv? wink.gif
I picture it shooting while strapped down in the back of a ragtop humvee, as a makeshift guntruck.
Now that's a nice image!

I really want one in a Luxury Sedan now!
This is for your sedan.
Perfect for city driving! Just load it with HEAT.
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