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Kyleigh Wester
I looked through the book and I missed something I considered kind of important. How does someone traveling through the matrix see an AR user? Say you come across the files their messing with, do you see an icon or representation of them or do you just see the files changing? If you were to engage this entity, assuming it would have a visual representation, what would the AR user see? Would he see your icon? Does the AR user have his own custom icon like the VR user?

Thanks for the help. Still a fourth newb. Most of my group is third edition.
i would say you are probably represented by an ARO that looks exactly like your persona.

not sure it's ever really spelled out for you though.
AR users don't have persona programs and so don't have Matrix icons. They don't exist on the Matrix per se. They would only manifest as some process running on a host (or actually multiple hosts).

So say you've got Joe Hacker who has broken inside a corp mainframe and he's browsing the HR library of files. If an AR user somewhere is also accessing those files, it's not any different from someone at a terminal using them. The hacker in the system sees a process is accessing the files, and sees the changes, etc, but can't interact with the user pe se.

Have no fear. I'm sure this will be corrected if it doesn't jive. =)
err, any comlink thats being used has a persona...

AR or VR, it do not matter...

if someone use AR to access a system, their persona appear inside that systems VR space.
AR and VR are just different output modes!

The difference between using AR and VR is the same as using a graphical user interface and using a text interface, or using a screen and using a printer: the data is the same, the only difference is the way you see it.
and something tells me that no matter how well unwired is written, there will be confusion...
QUOTE (hobgoblin @ Jun 6 2008, 05:16 AM) *
and something tells me that no matter how well unwired is written, there will be confusion...

Don't crush our hopes... frown.gif
Unwired will cure confusion as well as cancer.. right?

From the sound of the developers (of course nothing solid has been said, just hints), we should have it within the next few weeks in pdf. I'd think by the end of the month at the latest.
... Which, converted in RPGPT (RPG Publishing Time) makes it... for christmas!
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