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Full Version: Magic Resistant Armor?
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I have gone through the arsenal ans players handbook and I haven't been able to find anyway other than willpower that a non-awakened character can protect themselves from magic users. Do none exist?
There's the option of having a bound spirit provide spelldefense. But this is neither spelled out explicitly or given a price.

Ancient History
The old phrase "Diamond cuts diamond" generally applies; the best way to protect yourself from magic is with magic, be it spell defense (from a magician or bound spirit), an anchored or quickened spell, or a magical compound. Of course, you could just trust to old standbys like Magic Resistance and geeking the mage first.
There is a quality that is only for non-awakened chars "Magic resistance" rating from 1-4 (5BP per rate), page 79 BBB. It basically works the same as counterspelling but only to resist magic and only for u. Other option is the mage frm the group be protecting the party (to the cost of sacrificing his free action).
Now that Im reading this quality it doesnt says it dont stack with counterspelling sarcastic.gif. It must be an errata somewhere, or at least it should.
Why wouldn't it stack with Counterspelling? The Adept Magic Resistance Power stacks with Counterspelling as well.
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