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Full Version: multiple weapon systems linked together
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I am putzing around my room and I had a pretty cool thought. Instead of having the new baddie using an HMG in his emplacement, have him mount a pair of Ares MP lazers. Mount them Co-Axially so that you aim them at the same point.
Ok, cool. He is using one skill test for 2 guns. great. Crap, how do I figure damage for that? Do I count them as independent shots or as a burst or what?

an I like using lasers, because my mage based team could handle them if they think the problem through. Use a very 2nd ed DnD solution to the problem. I cast globe of darkness Darkness at the light source.
Daier Mune
rule them like he was firing dual pistols. split the dice pool and roll for each.
Assuming both lasers are fixed to have the same aim point, splitting dice pools is not a good idea. I know that 2-round bursts exist in Arsenal for one of the double-barreled weapons but I'm not sure if they're in the main book. From memory, a short burst is considered narrow and gives +1DV.
The PJSS from the core book gets +1 DV for firing both barrels, so I bet kigmatzomat is correct.

So, +1 DV. And twice the energy drain off the bad guy's power grid. spin.gif

So you are saying that its not really worth the effort? give the other gun to someone else or what?

Perhaps I should give +1 die to hit and +1P to damage?
QUOTE (Kronk2 @ Jun 6 2008, 01:44 PM) *
So you are saying that its not really worth the effort? give the other gun to someone else or what?

Give the MP to someone else or put it on a smart firing platform.

Or you can take advantage of the biggest strength of lasers: no recoil. You can't put a Predator into a Bust-a-Move without expecting something bad but you can fit that plush toy drone with a Redline laser pistol no problem. Nothing like having a fluffy bunny suddenly unleash lasers of doom.

There's one other vile trick of the laser: you can shoot from behind armored glass, assuming the laser is tuned to the right frequency. Nothing like having total cover while blazing away at your foes.

Or do both, and put the fluffy bunny drone in a glass box and let it lase the party.
Coaxial mounting, under SR rules, works best when applied to machine guns due to the fact that each gun has its own separate recoil compensation.
Hmm Thanks for your help. That is true about recoil. and another that many forget. No report to hear. All anyone would hear is a little whine of a capacitor charging and discharging. And for the record weapon grade lasers operate outside the range of the human eye.

I think I am just going to recase it as a sniper rifle instead. lol Nothing like a 1.21GW pulse laser to brighten your day. (by a few trillion lumens.)
And for more fun the worlds brightest bank of flash packs.
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