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Full Version: drones, Building security and riggers and struggles for control
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In SR3 a rigger was quite distinct from a decker and that was fine. I understand that the rules are a lot more integrated now and that anyone can use drones, np. I am curious though about whether a security rigger should have to be a full blown hacker and then add additional rigging skills on top of it (electronics, hardware, pilot, mechanics...).

What's confusing is how jumping into a building is supposed to work.

How many subscribed devices does a building count as?
What's the system and response that control and are impacted?
Do you have to have Cybercombat and a host of programs to ensure that you're not challenged for control? Is there a simpler mechanism for control?

On a related topic, if a Rigger is jumped into a drone and someone else attempts to hack into it, how is that resolved?

How have GMs worked through this in their own campaigns?


With a sweep of his...

a security rigger (by which i mean building rigger) is probably going to be a bit different from a regular rigger, and a little bit different from a regular hacker imo.

regular hackers are likely to have the full electronic group and the full cracking group. imo, a security rigger will have the full cracking group, but probably only computer skill. certainly, there is no need for hardware and software. a lot fewer matrix knowledges as well.

regular riggers will likely have mechanic skills, and lots of vehicle skills in addition to some minimal hacking skills. a security rigger will probably not have either (with the exception of gunnery), or at least nowhere near what a regular rigger would have.

certainly, there is no reason a given security rigger could not also be a full blown hacker however. or for that matter, there's no reason a regular rigger couldn't also be a full blown hacker.
As I understand it...before you can Jump-In to a drone, you have to crack it as a node in some way.
You either hack the drone-node on the fly, or you exploit it, or you spoof his command and feed it false ones giving you access.
And if you meet a fellow rigger there, well, it's Cyber-Combat time!
Your Personas will fight and whoever stays will get the drone.
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