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Full Version: Newb Hacking Question
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I am fairly new to Shadowrun so forgive me for asking some dumb question

Question 1)
There seems to be a typo in the Hacker archtype page of the Fourth Edition game. Because the hacker has only a Sony Emperor but his stats say that he has 5 for Response, Signal, System, and Fireware. How could this archtype have such high scores in those areas when his hardware is so medicore? Is there some hacker rule I missed?

Question 2)
Do all programs have to be purchased? Or would some programs come with the commlink?
Dr Funfrock
Question 1) He bought up the specs. Check the back of the Wireless World section, there are costs for buying up Response and Signal.
In the programs section there are costs for doing the same for System and Firewall. All good hackers use custom rigs wink.gif

Question 2) No, you have to buy everything.
Not EVERYthing. Commlinks come with a free rating 1 Scan. Not that it's worth more than a hill of beans, but it's hard to get online without it.
About I have to purcase them all, or can I copy them?
For example, onece I buy an Agent, can I copy it and give it to a fellow runner?
Can I use multiple copys of it?

What about Pilots and Autosofts?
I know that every Pilots is designed to function on a specific type of device, but what if I have 3 identical drones? Can I purcase 1 Pilot and then instal it into all 3 drones?
What about Autosofts...are they as specific as the Pilot software is?

And System?
And Firewall?

..thanks biggrin.gif
BBB, p228

All those details are up to your GM.
Whoops. Ignore this post.
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