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Full Version: New Israeli rifle
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Israel presents high tech rifle that will "revolutionarize" fight against guerrilla

Would you like to see such a technology in Shadowrun? cyber.gif

Edit: Forgot to say that it is in Spanish. I can translate it, but right now I'm overloaded, so if someone volunteers, he can tell his GM that I gave him 1 Good Karma. wink.gif
Considering I can understand that language and all...

Anybody got a translated version?
This translation courtesy of AltaVista's BabelFish

Israel presents/displays gun of high technology that "will revolutionize" the anti-guerrilla warfare

Tel Aviv - Israel today presented/displayed new rifle that "will revolutionize" the anti-guerrilla warfare since it allows to shoot in right angle on an objective without being seen.

Nicknamed "Corner Shot" (firing from the corner), this system offers a protection to the soldiers who can shoot with a maximum of precision on their objectives in the streets locating itself behind a wall or a window without exposing itself before their opponents.

The system is formed by two parts in hinge form and it is possible to be connected to almost all the types of arms, also is equipped with a camera that allows to visualize through a screen, located in the butt of rifle, the sector towards where aims.

The equipment, developed by Israelis and Americans, is the last technological advance of a series of materials invented during the two first decades by the Federal Office of Investigations North American (FBI) and by the French army, in which it was exposed the hand of the soldier.

"Our product was sent to the market three months ago and we already sold it to 15 countries", affirmed Golan Masters, lieutenant Israeli colonel of reserve that was destined in antiterrorist units and that the system "Corner Shot" invented.

The cost of the equipment varies between three and five thousand dollars and was sold the American army, to the Russian and other European Armed Forces, indicated Golan that comprises of the direction of the company "Corner Shot".

During a presentation in which an elite unit took by assault a construction in where "terrorists" hid, Golan indicated that this system already was used in the land, but refused to need in as.

Esteem that with this system the precision of the weapon reaches the 100 meters after a pistol 9mm and the 200 meters for a caliber of 5.7 mm AFP

Austere Emancipator
First of all, just so we're clear on this, it ain't a rifle.

Secondly, check this thread about the gun.
BTW, the Israeli guy is called Amos Golan. The translator confused his name (same word used for "masters").

@ Austere: Thanks for the link, I'd missed that one. Sheesh, they captured Saddam, Boca Juniors won the Intercontinental Cup against Milan, there is a couple of political scandals here and in Argentina, and they STILL need a "filler" for today's edition? ohplease.gif
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