The Big "Five-Oh"
Welcome to Hawaii, chummer. A land of paradise, adventure, and nuyen. A land caught halfway between the predations of Japan and the political machinations of the UCAS and Calfree. Hawaii is a NAN, returning to its old ways and struggling to shrug off the centuries-old influence of United States and Japan.

Our Heroes
Dan - A paranoid shamanic Ork "occult investigator" and believer in crackpot conspiracy theories involving thousand-year-old Elves running the world, Dan moved to Hawaii to "lay low for awhile". Good luck with that.

Jack - A speed-freak rigger and gun nut, Jack is surprisingly the brains of the party.

"Maggie" - A shell-shocked cyborg with amnesia.

The Guru - A Sea shaman and surfer dude who's been all over the world, and now hangs out on Ocean's View on the Big Island.

Kiki - A preteen combat mage with a fiercely independent streak.

Slasher - A troll ganger and the leader of the local Sons of Sauron.

D.D. - A surly, drunken Dwarf combat mage and Jack's ex-roommate.

Medi 'or Tan - A Tir expatriate who occasionally does wetwork for the party.

The Story So Far

Date: 3-25-70
Location: Pahala
Prequel - Dan sets up an Occult Investigation business in Pahala.

Date: 12-18-70
Location: Location: Punalu'u Beach
Prequel - Jack moves to Hawaii with his bike, and buys a small warehouse on Punalu'u Beach.

Date: 6-13-71
Location: Ocean View
Meet the Guru - A local mystic "surfer dude" is introduced to the group by one of Jack's contacts, who then proceeds to offer them a job exploring Kahoolawe Island for evidence of corporate toxic dumping.

Date: 6-18-71
Location: Kahoolawe Island
First Exploration of Island - group proceeds to Kahoolawe Island on the Guru's request, find giant mutant animals and a massive Toxic Water Spirit. Decide the area is too dangerous and return for backup.

Date: 6-20-71
Location: Kahoolawe Island
Assault on Island - group takes the Guru' group in Kiki's boat to Kahoolawe Island, proceeds to fight a massive Toxic Water Spirit and various mutated giant monsters.

Date: 6-23-71
Location: Kahoolawe Island
Island cleanup project begins - the Guru, Kiki and the rest of the Guru's magical group perform a Cleansing ritual to cleanse the island. then the Guru calls in Slasher, a local Sons of Sauron gang leutenant, to begin the physical labor portion of the island cleanup effort.

Date: 6-29-71
Location: Punalu'u Beach
Connections - Dan and Jack meet, as Dan is investigating the Kahoolawe Island incident. The two discover that the toxic spill was planned by the Shiawase corporation to have the maximum geomantic effect, and that highly skilled magicians must be involved.

Date: 6-30-71
Location: Punalu'u Beach
Great Organ Heist - Jack receives a hook-up from a local fixer, who offers him a job delivering a DocWagon long-hauler truck full of Type O organs to a local children's hospital. The group is offered an 80% take of the organs as long as the remaining 20% arrive on time.

Date: 6-30-71
Location: Ookala
Stealing the Truck - A massive clusterfuck between the Ancients and the Sons of Sauron prevent the group from making a clean getaway. An amnesiac cyborg is discovered in the back of the truck, and joins the group.

Date: 6-30-71
Location: Waikii
Someone Else's Problem - The group drives the truck through a second massive clusterfuck, involving a second group of shadowrunners and a young Feathered Serpent. Jack decides to rescue the shadowrunners, as one appears cute.

Date: 7-1-71
Location: Captain Cook
Payday - The group delivers the goods and gets a sweet cut ($75,000) from the Guru's local Street Doc contact. Then everyone gets into a second altercation between the Ancients and the Sons of Sauron in front of the street doc's office. Jack nearly gets eaten by the girl he rescued, who turns out to be a bug spirit. Jack's bike gets stolen, so he steals all the Ancient's bikes and loads them into the truck. Everyone goes home.

Date: 7-4-71
Location: Hilo
Moving Up - Jack buys a new luxury condo / warehouse in Hilo, pays off the local Triads to keep things clean, and gives back the Ancient's bikes in return for protection and some spare cash. Kiki and Dan move in.

Date: 7-6-71
Location: Hoopuloa
The Female of the Species - Dan gets contacted by the bug spirit's old friends before she turned, asking for help. Investigation leads to the Guru knowing far more than he let on.

Date: 7-7-71
Location: Ocean View
Bug Hunt - The group clears out the nest, and Dan attempts to restore the bug spirit's previous soul. Melody is still alive, and no longer a Bug Spirit, but is now bound to Dan as an Ally Spirit.

Date: 7-10-71
Location: Ocean View
Weyland Yutani, Anyone? - Investigation leads to the realization that Ares has been maintaining a Bug Hive within the local DocWagon Regional Headquarters, where the contact that initiated the Great Organ Heist run has been unknowingly working on organs taken from flesh-form bug spirits.