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Sweaty Hippo
Okay, since at least one of my friends are always busy with school work, most of my games are 2 players, rarely three. I have four players in total, but one of them is almost chronically busy and has never been introduced to Shadowrun.

Of my three, one is an Elf Gunslinger Adept, another is a Human Street Samurai from the SR4 book, and the third is a private investigator/hacker.

Most of my games consist of two players. Since none of them have good social skills (in the game) or Magicians, I want to know what sorts of adventures would be best for them, and what weak points that they may have other than those listed here.

P.S. I don't use Uncouth as is, you can resist social skills made against you if you have the drawback.
Wounded Ronin
Characters with bad social skills write their own adventures. Send them to Tokyo and have them offend every single person they meet. Have their efforts dissolve into slapstick comedy as they inevitably get entire bars to stand up and beat the crap out of them.
Hell, don't even need to send them overseas for that. Some places in the Barrens will do that if you look at them wrong!
Bodyguard work is probably the best most consistent thing they would qualify for on a resume. Bounty hunting would probably be ideal because it would involve the hacker but not so much that you couldn't NPC him if he was gone.
Or they have to subcontract the Hacker job. Maybe the current hacker is busy. 'Runners have lives outside of work, you know.
Sweaty Hippo
The only person who is "Uncouth" is the Hacker. The other characters are merely untrained in social skills other than Intimidate.
Also, the lack of a Magician or a character that can go into Astral Space will preclude them from certain situations.
Two, the Street Samurai has already earned his fair share of enmity, not the least of which involved repeatedly sexually harassing one of the Mr. Johnsons. It was a very funny gaming session.
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