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Full Version: Dunkelzahn's Will
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"To the party who finds the bones of the dragon skeleton for which I possess the head. I offer two options. You may keep the bones or turn them over to the Draco Foundation for a reward. All discoveries must be independently verified as dragon bones, such identification to be made by any living dragon. The Draco Foundation will assemble all pieces of the skeleton it receives and display the result in the Smithsonian Institution for the edification of the general public. My admittedly incomplete research indicates the following coordinates as likely locations for dragon bones:

Lat 41 Long 121

Lat 41 50n Long 87 45w

Lat 47 21n Long 122 12w

Lat 19 24n Long 99 9w

Lat 65 Long 130

Lat 39 44n Long 104 59w
Oooooooooooooooo, and I just wonder whose bones they are!
All Wings! biggrin.gif
You would need to a have a group paleontologists,forensic bacteriologists, mineralogists do a study on the head. How long has it been dead. Has it fossilized. What kinds of strata have formed on the bones and so on. Based on that you can then conduct a geological survey of the areas. Even then there is no guarantee that you can find it. The first one only gives degrees. A degree of latitude is approximately 69 miles, and a minute of latitude is approximately 1.15 miles.

The first one gives us an area of roughly 400 miles to search.

The rest around a 10 mile search area.

Still that is a very large search area for an non metallic object with a maximum length of 90 feet, which could be buried or fossilized.
Hmmm, those locations all seem to be in Asia. Was there a Western dragon visiting the Celestial Bureaucracy (or whatever the Eastern Dragons' society was called?) Sounds like the Big D (or his agents) recovered the head of an eastern dragon (or a visiting western) who the Big D knew well enough to know the locations of five of its' lairs. Hate to be the fools he took it from.
Notice that some places don't have the "N" and "W" notations.
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