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I am looking for contributions to my website in the form of blurbs. Like the old flavor text that used to go in all the books. Specifically I am looking for people who loveplaying Street Samurai's and are advocates of the "Way of the Gun".

Heres an example of what I am looking for, curtesy of Raygun.

"There is an art to using a gun. Just like any martial art, the Way of the Gun requires enormous amounts of training and discipline, not only to master, but to simply be effective. The gun, like any other weapon, is an extension of your mind. Without the power of your mind and the will to turn knowledge into action, the gun is just a harmless chunk of metal."


It can be short or long. 1 line or 10. It jsut has to say something about guns. From yourr favorite firearm, to your favorite style of shooting. Once I get enough quotes I'll put a few of 'em on my web.

I love doing this because you guys are the shadow community. DSF is the home of Shadowrunners. Who better to come to for information on Shadowrunning, soka?
As the samurai of fuedal japan, a true follower of the Way of the Gun, he is a true master of his craft. The craft of war. The feel of cold steel in his palm, the extension of his gun letting out its silenced and beautiful cry of death. The same as the beauty of truly weilded blade, his gun will leave you in sweet peace with a single rotating, perfectly shapped bullet, glistening in the sun with the same sparkle of seemless blade. It leaving the barrel, just as final and blindingly fast as the draw of the blade from a sheath.

Is that the kind of deal you are going for there?
Just because you can hit a target, that doesn't make you good with a gun. Someone whos good, can denign an area, go full auto on a group and put a single round into a target at range and never run out of ammo doing it. Being good with a gun means knowing how to use it and in what way.

Do you mean something like that?
Hot lead, Cold steel.
Muzzleflash and recoil.
These are the things I live for.
With this gun I move at the speed of death.
An Empty clip spells my end.
Thank God for belt fed.
Despite what all you wanna-bes think, having lots of chrome and toting the biggest fragging gun you can find does not make you a Street Samurai.  Being a Samurai is knowing all things relavent to your own fight.  Whether it be mental or physical, you must always be prepared for the fight.  When the fight comes, if you are not prepared, then you are dead.

The Way of the Gun is the way of the Survivor. First gun out wins. Forget Bushido. Forget Honour. There is no such thing as dirty fighting. All that matters is who is left standing.

[edited for clarity]
The way of the gun:
In any gunfight there are two kinds of people. The quick and the dead.
I'm quick, and you're dead.
So far all I have to say is FREEKING AWESOME, these kind of things are exactly what I was looking for. By all means, continue.
"To speak of some sort of zen-like quality to fighting with a firearm is pure foolishness. A gun is a hunk of metal that allows you to throw rocks really hard. There is no soul or ancestry to a gun. It does one thing and one thing only- kill. Training is merely making sure it's them and not you."
Guns don't kill people.
I kill people.
Firing a gun is more than just pulling the trigger. It's the consertration, the fluidness of it's use, the breathing, the choice of target. All of these are apart of firing a gun. And all of these have to be mastered to master the use of a gun.

@moosegod. Just thought of doing the flip side of yours.
@Shadow. This is becoming a bit shadowtalk. interesting.
Bright light radiates
Acrid powder burns the eyes
Another soul dies

this work?
@ Shockwave, the whole idea was Shadowtalk. After all, this is the shadows.
Good? Bad?
I'm the guy with the gun.

Thank you Bruce.

Now in my own words...

High Chrome point 45.
It's time to do or die.
Come one come all.
Time for them to fall.
High Chrome point 45.

"Combat is the art of employing your will through the application of physical force. It doesn't matter if you use a gun, a sword, a spell or your fist - dead is dead. It just happens that guns are the most universally effective tool for employing your will."
-1st Lt. Graham Massey, Commander, The Black Heart Mercenary Brigade

"The gun is the method through which the weak and powerless are raised up to defend themselves against the rich and powerful, as well as vice versa. You can't judge a man because he carries a gun - you can only judge what he wishes to do with it. Does he fight for the downtrodden or does he fight for money and power?"
-Daniel Atkinson, Hermetic Mage, aka "Adarael"

"Take my rifle and I'll use grenades. Take my grenades and I'll use my pistol. Take my pistol and I'll use my spur. Take my spur and I'll use my body to swamp your guns so my teammates can use their own rifles. My rifle is just another way of saying "I will not submit."
-2nd Lt. Pi, Demolitions and Electronics expert, The Black Heart Mercenary Brigade
I think you have to make some distinctions about your "Way of the Gun."

Are soldiers and mercs competent and skilled with their weapons? Sure.

Are they the artist gunslingers of the old West who mirror the duelists of Europe with their skills of personal combat?

She sings of death.
She roars, my Mistress.

Before her I kneel,
My lady of Steel.

Quotable Quotes:

"Burn, fight, kill. Did anyone not understand that?"

"Dead or alive. Preferably dead. Yup, the deader, the better."

"Guns? I love guns. Now if only I could find one that cooks..."
QUOTE (toturi @ Dec 16 2003, 01:36 AM)
Quotable Quotes:

"Burn, fight, kill. Did anyone not understand that?"

"Dead or alive. Preferably dead. Yup, the deader, the better."

"Guns? I love guns. Now if only I could find one that cooks..."

Hey, slot an AI chip into your smartgun that also plugs into your household computer, I'm pretty sure it could do some cooking.

At the very least, it could heat up some soykaf. grinbig.gif

Of course, do you really want a "Mother 2.0" persona for your smartgun? *shudder*

"Did you remember to change your pants? You didn't look both ways before crossing the street! You don't love me: you never call, you never write...would it kill you to polish me once in a while?"


Edit: fixed annoying typo
"Didn't I always tell you to shoot to kill? It's sooo bad manners to shoot to maim."

"You lazy boy! Go clean up your kill house. And get rid of those bodies while you are at it!"
"To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you and the lamentation of the women."
-Conan the Barbarian.

"Nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure"

"I know what you're thinking, punk. You're thinking, did he fire six shots or only five? Well to tell you the truth, I forgot myself in all this excitement. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and will blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself a question: do I feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?"
-Clint Eastwood (Drek, the man is every character he played)

"I say we kill, kill, and keep on killing."
Glossery of Terms:

Lead Injection Dance - The silly upright siezure-like dance that people do when they get hit by a burst of hot bullets. Often followed by immediate death.
From the Left...

"Power flows throught the barrel of a gun."--Mao Tse Tung

"One man with a gun controls a hundred men without one." V.I. Lenin

... from the Right...

"To my mind it is wholly irresponsible to go into the world incapable of preventing violence, injury, crime, and death. How feeble is the mindset to accept defenselessness. How unnatural. How cheap. How cowardly. How pathetic." --Ted Nugent:

"From my cold, dead hands!!!"--Charlton Heston

...from a Criminal...

"You can get a lot farther with a kind word and a gun than a kind word alone."-- Al Capone

...from a law-man...

"Make haste, slowly."--Wyatt Earp

...from Authors...

"When in doubt, have two guys come through the door with guns."-- Raymond Chandler

"An armed society is a polite society."--Robert A. Heinlein

and from the CanvasBack...

"Put those away, it's rabbit season anyway."
And so there I am, standing over a pile of bodies. I didn't mean to shoot him. Well, I guess I did. I think the cop knew it too. You know what he said to me?

"We would have written it off as an accidental shooting, but you reloaded. Twice."

I shot him too.
Here is a more sinister quote.

The last words my father said to me was, "Don't Son! That gun is loaded!"
- from the movie Stone Cold
Here's the essay I sent to Shadow regarding the "Way of the Gun" in its entirety.

"Guns kill, soldiers die, and good shadowrunners don't do much shooting. It's not good for business. Loud noises and dead bodies tend to cause investigation. Investigation draws attention to people who must live with a high degree of anonymity in order to keep their clients happy so that they can get paid. Believe it or not, shadowrunning is a service industry. It exists to circumvent the rules that a society has chosen to impose upon itself through a little thing called government. If you get caught, you'll get punished. One of the better ways to keep from getting caught is to keep your face out of the spotlight and stay safely in the shadows. Tact. If you're dumb enough to leave a trail of bodies and evidence in your wake, you're gonna find yourself in a little box, sitting on top of a seventeen-inch cybercock in no time. And it will be about as straight and narrow as the choices you made before you got yourself into that little predicament. It's just a matter of time. But if you can manage to pull off jobs without drawing attention to yourself, that risk turns into reward.

"That said, there are tools that are necessary for every job. How we shadowrunners choose to make a living (if we have the choice, that is) sometimes involves situations in which the immediate neutralization of a person or object can occasionally mean the difference between a fat paycheck, a contract on your head, or immediate pain and suffering followed by death. There are several different tools available to affect this situation depending on the circumstances, but a gun is, more often than not, the most available and the most versatile, as well as one of the fastest acting. Not just lethality itself -but the threat of lethality- can be a very powerful thing. In the end, a gun is a just another tool, and it's not always the best one for the job at hand. But a good shadowrunner always keeps his options open.

"Know which tools to use and when to use them. Firearms are no different than the other tools in your garage. A box wrench isn't going to do a lot of good in opening a can of green beans, is it? Well, a submachine gun on full hose isn't going to help knocking out an armored sentry drone at 300 meters, either. Examine the situation first. Do your legwork and do lots of it. Know for certain which tools to take with you. This game is a serious one. Luck is not a word you should be even fathom relying on when vertical hold is lost. Be prepared. Know when to take advantage of an opportunity.

"There is an art to using a gun. Just like any martial art, the Way Of The Gun requires enormous amounts of training and discipline, not only to master, but to simply be effective. The gun, like any other weapon, is an extension of your mind. Without the power of your mind and the will to turn knowledge into action, the gun is just a harmless chunk of metal. Preparing the mind is the most important step in learning to use a gun effectively. Finding that point of control and awareness that exists independently of all immediate circumstances is the main ingredient in what makes an effective fighter. As can be concluded, the Way Of The Gun is not independent of other forms of fighting. It is simply one aspect of it. The gun as a tool simply extends an individual's effective fighting range. But it's usually not a particularly effective fighting tool inside of a few meters. Again, a good shadowrunner always keeps his options open. He is prepared for anything. Any moron can run around and spray bullets all over everywhere. Not everyone can knock his teeth out with a 200 grain JHP and leave him alive before he hurts somebody in the process. It takes discipline. Lots of discipline.

"If you come across a runner with an unhealthy obsession with this particular tool, as can sometimes happen, my advice would be not to take them anywhere important. If possible, skate on them at the nearest possible opportunity. Drop 'em off somewhere remote and make them someone else's problem. They're most likely either completely green, which means they've got something to prove, or they're totally psychotic, which means that they're unpredictable. Ego, unpredictability and firearms do not go well together. Add medication to that. In any case, those things will usually interfere with business in a pretty severe fashion. And business is your means to a paycheck.

"Don't forget why you're doing this. It's just a means to a living. A living that hopefully someday won't be so dangerous."

QUOTE (moosegod)
"To speak of some sort of zen-like quality to fighting with a firearm is pure foolishness.  A gun is a hunk of metal that allows you to throw rocks really hard.  There is no soul or ancestry to a gun.  It does one thing and one thing only- kill.  Training is merely making sure it's them and not you."

"Pay attention, kids. This is exactly the attitude I've tried to warn you about. It is as close to nihilism as you want to get and represents a fundamental lack of understanding of the uses of firearms and the tactics involved with employing them. People who say things like this are the same people that you need to stay away from if you value your freedom, your life, and the lives of your teammates. They lack both knowledge and experience and will, more often than not, mess up a free lunch by flipping to full auto at the first possible opportunity."
God made man

Sam Colt made them equal cool.gif
The Jopp
"Way of the gun? Funny, I've never thought about it that way. Put as much romance into it as you want or be as clinical as you like and call it a killing tool, but remember, a gun can be used for more than killing, it's all a matter of ammunition. If you don't pick the right ammunition for the job you might as well quit right now."

"Another point when it comes to guns might be what kind of gun you should use? The amateurs take the biggest gun on the market and use it everywhere while the proffessionals pick the right kind for the job at hand. You don't take a Ruger Super Warhawk as the weapon of choice to the high class celebrity party at the top of the Space Needle, you take something subtle, small and concealable."

"The third point is equipment. What other items can be useful for the mission at hand? Silencers, guncams or perhaps a underbarrel flashlight or extra ammunition? Take what you need for the job at hand and something extra but no more."

"These three comments above defines a gunmaster aside from just having a skill in using a gun but also a knowlegde about the guns he or she is using. A master is not ranked by how many people they can or have killed but how well they do their job, a job that might very well include missions that specifies that killing is a no-no."

Lady Scale / Dragoness

"A gun is a tool, nothing more. To attach any other significance to it is to romanticize it. My job involves death and killing, neither of which are noble. The gun is nothing more than the best tool for the job. If you feel the need to pretty up this dirty job we do by comparing it to an idealized and romanticized past, that's fine by me. We all have to look ourselves in the mirror and go on with our lives."

--Murphy MacLeod, mercenary and shadowrunner
To futher peoples points on choice of gun. My personal favourite is the Savalette Guardian, but do i take it everywhere i go? No.

Why you ask. Because in most of the covert situations it's too much. Too big, too loud, too good. If im dressed in all black with webbing and what not it is my side arm. But if im bodyguarding or at a social function the you will find me with a Cezka. Chossing the right weapon for the job is the same as chossing wether or not your needing to use your weapon.

~~~ Shockwave. Retired Shadowrunner, College Lecturer.
See my sig. wink.gif
A little levity:

I like my gun,
everybody should have at least one.
When something's moving and I want it to stop,
I just pull out my gun and blow it's head up.

I like my gun,
everybody should have at least two.
When behavior get little err-atic,
I just go and fire my semi-automatic.
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