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Full Version: Composure, Trauma, Flashbacks
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Hi again!

In SR 3 (Companion) there were rules for Flashbacks. Thought this was really fun and since there are the rules for composure rolls in SR 4 I thought it would be nice to hear some stories about some of your characters who had do deal with that kinda stuff.

So tell me/us your character`s story; about his nightmares, traumas and flashbacks!

I for example had in the old days of SR 3 a female sniper (she was way cool!) who had amnesia (highest level) and flashbacks. The story started that she woke up in a hotel having nothing except the clothes on her body and a picture of a man. Since she didn`t knew who she was, she decided to find that man on the photo to ask him for help, because she thought he might know something about her.

To cut a long story short: she found him and he helped her to find her home. Arriving there they discovered that she was actually a professional killer hired to kill him. Than she had some flashbacks which let her assume that her Johnson betrayed her and instead of killing him they started together getting after that Johnson.
A Dwarf with maxed Strength of 14, two dikoted Spurs and forced Titanium Bone Lacing(guess) . .
Flashbacks/severe Phobia of Rooms of about Coffin Size . . now imagine what happened once he was put into one of those nifty little medical toys . . a stabilization Unit . . yes, the deluxe version too . .
yep, expansive scrap-metal happened . . and he only lived because of some more or less munchy aspects of the character which helped him heal on his own enough to stay alive . .
I had a SR3 Decker Adept who went full on action movie and leaped off the roof of the UniOm building with a parachute. The Dwarf Rigger who had some actual skill didn't make it, but my defaulting ass just managed to pull the cord in time. He then drug the rigger's body 5 blocks before colapsing on the ground and being picked up by a teammate. Not sure if it qualifies, but it sent me to the hospital.
I’m working on a character right now for my group that has the 25 point Amnesia from Runner’s Companion. I’m just going to have the character sheet around in case one of my players die and they don’t have another one ready.

So when making this character, do you put BP’s in Contacts? Also, if you give them a commlink, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of amnesia, being that they could just start calling people asking “Who am I??

Just wondering if anyone may have some tips for me. I’m thinking of doing one or two levels of restricted gear, which could help them figure out who they are, or at least what their purpose may have been. Maybe even give them Mysterious Implant or Flashback.
Points in contacts? Only if he has a chance of meeting up with them again.

He'd have to have some further events take place, beyond the loss of memory, so as not to regain his memory. Or you could have him find out who he was, fairly quickly, but make it difficult or impossible for him to reintegrate into his original life. Or make it the point of the campaign for him to learn things about his former life.
I GMed a group once that everyone took amnesia and flashbacks. The entire campaign was based around a run they did (and couldn't remember) that went bad and now the target and the employer were after the group. In the end they found out that they all had memory scrubs that were interrupted before it was fully finished and as a result that is what was causing the flashbacks to the run. They finished the job for their employer to get them off their back and then one of the group sacrificed themselves to take out the target corp's CEO (along with the building he was in at the time).

Flashbacks are a great tool for story telling.
Ok, so no points in contacts, except maybe a fixer. And I'm thinking for the commlink, he probably just bought one not to long ago, so maybe just has one fixer number in there.

I like the idea of the all-amnesia group. Sounds like it could be a blast, and openings for a lot of good role playing. What ended up happening with the group after the wrong, or did you just start something new.
A character I'd love to play is an adept with the ten-point Amnesia and the Memory Displacement power from Digital Grimoire. Why did he sequester all of his memories? When will they return (when I buy the flaw off, obviously)? What the hell's going on here?

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