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Full Version: Design a Vehicle for Executives of Extreme Importance
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Ok from another thread.

Using SR4 and Arsenal rules design vehicle ie limo not a Step Van.

Said vehicle will need to be able to survive most man portable weapon systems fire and medium grade anti vehicle missiles/weapons and be able to rapidly leave the area.

Remember this vehicles sole purpose is the "Safe" transport of an Executive of Extreme Importance, not a MBT to duke it out with the ambushers.

Also Availability and costs is not a issue with this design.

Now lets see some design ideas etc.

Something with enough body for Armor 20, handling enhancements, speed boosters, and getaway gear (oil slicks and the like).

What is it? Doesn't really matter, max the armor and speed and handling, call it a day.

Edit: More specifically:
Amenities Luxury 4 slots
Armor 20 1 slot
Smart Armor 20 2 slots
Chameleon Coating 2 slots
Engine Customization Speed and Accel 4 slots
Personal Armor 10 2 slots

So, this takes something with at least 15 body to pull off.

Since you said limo, pull out the engine customization and it fits on a standard limo.

If you want it to be able to fire back decently too? Then stop talking about limos.
Mitsubishi Nightsky (Limousine)
Handling: –2
Acceleration: 15/25 -Before mod
Top speed:100 -before mod

2: +20 concealed armor
2: Aminities, High
2: Chameleon Coating
2: +Speed
2: Life Support lvl 2
2: Personal Armor

rough sketch, I'm sure there is more details to round out.
QUOTE (WeaverMount @ Jun 12 2008, 03:57 PM) *
2: +20 concealed armor

concealed armor only goes up to 10 wink.gif
QUOTE (Tarantula @ Jun 12 2008, 01:38 PM) *
Smart Armor 20 2 slots

Smart Armor only goes up to 10. (text takes precedence over charts when in conflict)
For the escort. wink.gif

I had seen a YouTube video with the minigun in a collapsible version for concealability, but I can't find it now. Quick-deployed out of the top of the roof. Back to the topic of Shadowrun, perhaps you could install a remote version along with a small radar for munition interception.
QUOTE (Muspellsheimr @ Jun 12 2008, 03:49 PM) *
Smart Armor only goes up to 10. (text takes precedence over charts when in conflict)

Yeah, i was just using the charts, since it really is just a quick tossup, figured didn't matter much. Besides, since its GMs call, he could make it 20 if he wants to smile.gif
For protection, I prefer a modified Rover 2066. This is one I designed for my team. We also have a chameleon van with drone racks, but we use the Rover when we need protection and class, with a bit of speed thrown in.

Handling: (+1)
Accel: 30 / 40
Speed: 168
Pilot: 4*
Body: 13
Sensor: 5
Signal: 6
Response: 5 *
System: 6 *
Firewall: 6*

STD Upgrades: Amenities (High), Off-Road Suspension, Passenger Protection 2, Anti Theft System 2.

Personal Upgrades: Turbocharging 1, Speed Engine Modification, Laser Link, Enhanced Image Screens, Gridlink Override, Rigger Adaptation, Smuggling Compartment (Electromag security, Biofiber shielding), Improved Sensor Array (Extra Large Vehicle), Nitrous Injection, Manual Control Override: Drive-by-Wire, Vehicle Tag Eraser, *.

Total Cost: 75900
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