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Full Version: Zapper road strip question
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How do zapper road strips work? Arsenal says that the vehicle takes 10(e). Is that the 'net hits' for purposes of the secondary effects, or just a straight-up DV? If it's just a DV, then how do I work out net hits for the secondary effects? They're kind of expensive to just do a paltry DV 10 attack on an armored vehicle.
remember that (e) means halved armor?
Secondary effects are. P. 154

"Electronic equipment, vehicles, and drones can also be
aff ected by Electricity damage. Th ey never suff er Stun damage,
but they do roll Body + Armor (drones and vehicles) or
Armor x 2 (other objects) to resist secondary eff ects. If they
achieve equal or more hits than the attack, they are unaff ected.
Otherwise, they cease to function for a number of Combat
Turns equal to 2 + net hits scored on the attack test (and may
need to reboot aft er that)."

So the resist is clear, but how many hits do you get for placing the strip for the opposed test, and what skill to use?

Personally I would let a PC use any appropriate skill they have and can convince me they are using. Gunnery, Demolitions, Exotic weapon, Infiltration, Thrown Weapons, Pilot *. Or they can default to Logic or Agility. Any of them will work fine by me.
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