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Full Version: Matrix Difficulty
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A player finally decided to try his hand at being a decker in one of my games. The problem is, I don't have a lot of experience with the matrix, as it is often disregarded. I've seen host ratings for certain systems, but I have absolutely no idea what kind of ACIFS stats particular hosts would have. Drawing from my knowledge of all the novels I've read, from the games I've seen and from the threads I've read here, I still have no clue.

He tried hacking Lone Star, and I made the system ratings somewhere between 16-18. This might very well be unreasonable, as my player has said, but quite frankly I have no idea. Could someone clear this up for me? Is there some good way to get ACIFS ratings? I have the Matrix sourcebook, so a page reference also works.
16-18 is a good value for a Red-Hard host. That's probably what Lone Star would be; slap your player for trying to deck them.
Basically, look at it this way: what will they need to get the TN down to 4? Will it be good programs (Rating 4, for a base system rating of cool.gif, great programs (rating 8, for a base of about 12), or FastJack's Personal Programs (rating 12+, for 16+ base).
Not that they should be necessarily always getting it to 4, but this is a good guideline in my experience.

May i recomend Target:Matrix

In side it has sercurity sheafs for systems ranging easy-moderrate (Angel Satcom), Moderate- mildly hard (Lonestar, SKprime (assuming you can find it)). to down right ridiculass (Zurich-orbital Glenshaftbank. Which i think is as hard as it should be)
IIRC Target: Matrix also includes a sample Dept. of Justice system which can easily be adapted to other law enforcement corps/agencies.
I think Target: Matrix also has a sample security sheaf for a Lone Star host in the rules section at the back, but I'm at work so I don't have my books with me.
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