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For a standard group of shadowrunners (400 bp to start with, 3 runs under our belts, and nobody has street cred/notoriety higher than 3) what is a good/average payment in nuyen? And what is a good base value for karma (before bonuses for things like good roleplaying)?
10.000 nuyen per head, 5 to 8 karma . . karma to money exchange something like 10k nuyen per point of karma in any direction i'd say . .
About 20k¥ per run if their chars were made as professionals, 4-6 Karma per run.
While I'm taking beats, how long until someone mentions stealing cars?
18 minutes apparently.
*opens mouth* ... *closes mouth* damn
Well first off the car to stealing job ratio and the bla bla bla...

Asking what it is worth per job per character and the karma rewards is just useless. Everyone has their own system and bitterly defend it to the ends of the earth. I personally think about 5-30k per person depending on the run (sometimes more, or at least in items of value they can take on the side of the job if they do well enough,) and 1-4 karma per session (1 karma if the group doesn't end up actually doing much and 4 if they are rocking it.) I feel that it is much easier to give out karma on a per session basis then it is to just doll out karma left and right if they are moving through jobs quickly.
Survival and the ability to buy a round of beer at the end of the 'Run.

Everything else is gravy.

Of course, I'm a GM, so, thus, a cheap bastard. vegm.gif
QUOTE (CanRay @ Jun 17 2008, 06:35 PM) *
Survival and the ability to buy a round of beer at the end of the 'Run.

Everything else is gravy.

Of course, I'm a GM, so, thus, a cheap bastard. vegm.gif

lol, keeping them hungry just makes it that much easier to frag them over in the end. ask any Johnson. spin.gif

I try to mix it up. sometimes they get cake(10 or 20 K nuyen.gif apiece) and some times crumbs(10 to 20 k nuyen.gif for the team) karma runs between 4-6 ( finish the job, don't do anything stupid, have fun, and stump the the GM points). last session I dumped a big chunk(10 karma apiece) cause they did so well I figured a big bonus would would be nice. (that and the next run I have planned should crank things up a bit and the extra karma should keep them from getting geeked right out of the starting gate..maybe. devil.gif devil.gif
"Get his boots!"

We started with 1 to 2 thousand back in the day. The above line was the result.

We now do 20-30,000.
On average, enough to pay their monthly rent. (For your average runner that's about 5k) and then throw in whatever you feel appropriate as spending money. This could be anywhere from 1k to 15k, anything higher is pretty big. Just give them whatever Karma you think they deserve, on a guideline of how fast you want them to grow. Around 5 karma is a good benchmark for a decently done run.
Shadowrunning payments will be a mixture of whatever they can get. Sometimes it's a great amount, sometimes they're lucking to make a few hundred for some milk runs, because that's the only thing going on right now.

'Running is very much a business that's affected by a large number of things, and have "Irregular Seasons".

It's not like Road Construction, which is the second season of Canada (The first being Winter, of course).
Assuming the they get the job done and there's some decent role playing, I'll usually award 4-6 Karma.

Money is going to vary, sometimes wildly. It really boils down to a supply and demand issue though.
Lots of runners + few jobs = poor or sparse pay
Lots of runners + lots of jobs = modest pay
Few runners + few jobs = modest pay
Few runners + lost of jobs = big bucks

During active corporate conflicts, the prices tend to go up. If the pool of runners gets thinned during these conflicts, the cash payouts tend to go up even further.

Also, during corporate conflicts, runners are also more likely to get short-term contract offers, usually through a fixer or Mr. Johnson, whether or not they want them. If you're lucky enough to score a contract with a 3rd party, its likely to be a cake walk; you're probably just being put on retainer, just in case.

Just my 2 nuyen.gif.

I usually factor in how often we're playing. If we only manage 1 game a month or less, I'm not going to hand out 4 karma and 2k-3k per player, no matter how little got done. So I'll tend give a bit more coin and karma, generally in the 8-10 karma range and 10k-20k range. Honestly, any less than that and my players would revolt.
I try to ensure that with multiple sessions per month, my players have enough nuyen on their chars to pay for one larger upgrade per month. If they make expensive mistakes, thats their problem though.
I like to make at least 10k per run. It's best if the Johnson pays me that much, but in my experience with many different groups the less you are getting paid, the more likely you are to try to find other ways to make it up along the way......
Reward item number one.

Character lives.

Everything after that is gravy
IQ Zero
In our runs, the general pay scale varies from job to job as well as the negotiating skill of the team (or the player if there is no team and negotiation is handled individually). The range is from 2.5K to 15K per job with the average running at about 7.5K per character involved in the run (less the 10% cut per character for the fixer). Karma ranges from 3 to 8 with 5 being average.

The best run to date was a 48 hour session that resulted in an extremely happy VP for a megacorp (personal job not involving the corp per se) that netted the 12 runners involved the sum of 25K each (including the bonus) with the fixer's fee being paid for by the happy client. They also netted 12 karma on this job. Not to mention the fact that all their expenses were shouldered and the face/shaman of seductress is now the mistress of the client. Oh, and did I forget to mention the fact that these packrats basically picked up everything they could reasonably carry (in the fraggin vans they drove) and yeah, they checked for tags too. Very clean job of snatching the VP's kids from a bunch of looney-toons before they could be "converted".
I'd just ask the players what rate of advancement they are comfortable with, and deal out karma and cash accordingly.
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I've adjusted my feelings on this lately now that have a chance to be on other side of the gm screen for a few sessions. (so kanis you say this weeks going to be tougher huh)

Two things that stand out to me now. From now on be basing pay on total karma from 0 to prime mover numbers. Or +5 per pnt of street cred. Example: Joe the Troll who has 3 pnts of street cred would fetch 20k as his going base rate + added pay for danger/expenses/etc. 5k base +15k for street cred.

Also I'm now a firm believer for groups meeting irregularly, karma for cash / cash for karma should be available. Considering a 1-5 ratio. 1 karma for 5k or 5k for 1 karma. This would allow Joe in the above example to either cash in 20k to charity for 4 karma pnts per session or cash in his 4 karma he got on the run for a windfall on his stock investment for 20 extra K.
My current leaning is somewhere in the neighborhood of 3K / point of Karma earned on average up until they're considered professionals. After that it will depend. Pricing for gear starts getting exponentially more expensive for the gear types, and much closer to a linear progression for the magic types. Consider for example that a single rating for a Delta Grade Synaptic Booster is 800K. At a 5:1 ratio that's 160 Karma. Even at a 20 to 1 ratio it'd still be 40 Karma which more than outweighs the < 0.25 essense net over a standard synaptic booster.

With a sweep of his...

Well, for the Cash for Karma things, I'll just have it go with how many people are meeting that sleazy Free Spirit I'm going to use. vegm.gif

Yes, I like him way too much. nyahnyah.gif
Don't forget to factor in time when calculating remuneration for a job. A one-night courier mission taken by a team of prime runners is probably going to cost Mr. Johnson less than a month-long operation by a green team.
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