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Full Version: Select Sound Filters
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So... this question arose as I skimmed through the equipment chapter in the bbb once again:

What is the rating of the select sound filter for? I mean: yeah, every level in this rating allows you to define a different source of sounds which you can concentrate exclusively on. But doesn't that mean that one gets two groups starting at rating 1? The sound source in particular and a second group containing all other sounds.

Question is: Am I right? Doesn't that mean, that a rating higher than 1 is useless, as one would define the sound source one concentrates on as the one filtered and let the filter scan through the background sounds?
the select sound filter can also simultaneously record things for you to review later.

so for example, if you decide you'd like to listen in on a 3 person conversation at the table next to you while still paying full attention to your own, you can have your rating 3 select sound filter do that (3 different people = 3 different 'tracks').

additionally, you can have your select sound filter listen for specific words, names, etc. so for example, if you have someone at the table next to you and they have code words that they're supposed to say (for example, if someone specific walks into the same bar as you) the sound filter can listen to that person and whenever he says the codeword, the filter alerts you. again, i assume it can only pay attention to one thing per point of rating, so you could in the meanwhile have it go around the room randomly and if it hears the word 'ares' (for example) you could have it start recording for you to review later.

that's what higher ratings are for wink.gif
Oh. I see. Well, getting the SSF at higher ratings just became worthwhile.

Thanks so far!
In prior editions (and the way I use them in 4th) is that every rating counteracts a point of penalties toward hearing. Because you can isolate distracting sounds and tune them down in the mix.

(I suppose TECHNICALLY they just straight up added dice equal to their rating, but we always house-ruled that as "fucking broken", because there's no way being able to select sound channels helps you hear things further away.)
Also handy when you don't want to listen to the incessant screaming from the back of the van while you're driving away at breakneck speeds from the Star after a pooched job.
A rating 1 Sound Filter will let you filter out That Guy, or everything except That Guy.
A rating 2 Sound Filter will let you filter out This Guy & That Guy, or everything except This Guy & That Guy.

That is essentially what the rating does. As previously mentioned, you can also have it set to trigger on key words, record conversations, etc, but none of those are directly related to the rating.
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