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Full Version: Magical Compounds
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I really like the idea behind some of the magical compounds listed in M&M, but they completely left out anything about availibility, costs, and street index. Anyone have any idea where this info can be found, if at all? question.gif
Ol' Scratch
Alledgedly, they're so rare that they're supposed to be at the GM's discretion. Personally, I hate cop-outs like that, especially since they give a cost and Availability for stuff like Laes, which is going to be *way* more difficult to get your hands on.

I do crank the Availability up pretty high (in the 18-20 range) but keep the costs at a base of 5,000 nuyen per dose. Street Index is likewise exceptionally high, in the 4-6 range.

It's really up to your own judgement, though, as there are no official rules for it.
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