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Full Version: Antidote Spell
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Can Antidote be cast before being exposed to the toxin?

The description states the spell must be cast before the toxin does damage, but can a magician cast it in preparation forl toxins he knows? It is permanent.
No, because your target is the toxin (check out the TN). Also, in MitS, the permanent Health spells are described as only Permanent in the sense that they 'restore a person to their natural health', so if you were later hit by the same Toxin, you'd have to cast the Antidote spell again.

That is how I always assumed the spell worked and so never knew anyone to take it.

However, I don't see how learning the spell and casting it against all known toxins (the GM could look up the toxin strength easily enough) is breaking the rule. It fits the must be cast before the toxin does damage restriction. Are there not antidotes for toxins that can be taken as a precaution to exposure to that toxin? They wear off after a bit of time, and that could be a limit to the spell - or not - it is magic. All it is doing is restoring the subject to their natural health after their first exposure to the toxin. If they are exposed to two doses of the toxin one after the other, the first exposure would trigger the antidote. The second exposure would need another spell cast before the subject took damage.
If you wanted to call it an inoculation, it is a slightly different spell. I would also think you would have to pay to quicken them...but it could be a good idea. Mind you there are hundreds of toxins, so it would take a lot.

As is, you have to cast it after it hits you(while you have it) before it does damage, which is a pretty shallow window...
Prophylaxis is the spell you are looking for, I believe. Helps with resisting toxins before exposure and even after (ain't the magic immune system grand?)
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