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Full Version: Remote Weapon Systems
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Any canon rules for remote weapons with the following setup?

Guncam on a weapon with an automated platform.

Image transmitted to cybereyes with imagelink.

Aim through eye movement and remote fire capability.


Yeah. isn't it called sensor enhanced gunnery?
Here's a real one, if you're interested in that sort of thing. Telepresent Rapid Aiming Platform (TRAP).
Thats exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for

Still not sure what gear I'd need to operate one remotely myself using cyberwear

I know I can use an imagelink/headwear comms gear/ and voice activation to fire it at a target that passes through its crosshairs.

What do I need to do to get it to track a point at which im looking at (or a laser designated target)?

Also what skill to use when firing it (with and without the motion option)

I think what your trying to do can be accoplished in two ways I can see:

One, you cloud use it like a Cyber cam, directing it with mental thoughts, and firing it with a BattleTac Remote Fire.

Two, and I think the most pluasible, you could consider the gun a drone, in etiher a CCSS or RC network. I think this is actually covered in the Security Riggers portion of Rigger 3.

You would use Gunnery to fire it in either case.

There is something akin to it, you'd just need to somehow motorize the tripod to move the gun.

BattleTac Remote Trigger System from Cannon Compaion, page 54.

Unless you mobilize it somehow, though, all it can provide is cover fire. Sometimes that's all that you need, though.
I shouldn't need a battle-tac to make it fire.

Some decent voice-communication and voice activation firing mechanism will make it fire. No need for a battle-tac unit.

The "cyber weapon mounts" or wotzitcalled in Man & Machine only needs DNI and a Smartlink, and the target to be in LOS, if memory serves me; There could well be some way to transmit those DNI signals short distances.
A simlink should work to transmit the signals.
Yum Donuts
QUOTE (Raygun)
Here's a real one, if you're interested in that sort of thing. Telepresent Rapid Aiming Platform (TRAP).

To quote The Joker,

where does he get those wonderful toys?
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QUOTE (Utahraptor)
A simlink should work to transmit the signals.

How would a simlink do the job?
I dont see how smartlink would help in this situation, the idea that someone had about sensor enhanced gunnery makes sense to me. Or treat the weapon as if you were in a drone. Drones never have smartlink cabability as far as I know...
THey do if you equip them with an adaption kit.
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