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Right, well, I need some knowledge about the Seattle gangs, and I don't have money to go out and buy a book, so I'm turning to the best source that doesn't come with a free trip to jail. Dumpshock.

HELP!!! What gangs run the streets in Seattle? and what can you tell me about them?
Well, there's always been the Ancients, who are basically an All-Elf version of the Hell's Angels and Satan's Choice mixed together, only on Speed Bikes instead of Choppers.

Halloweeners, which are a great bunch of guys...

And, well, about eleventy-billion other gangs in the bad parts of town where walking four blocks means going through nine gang's territories.
right you can make up you own pretty well. The ancients and Halloweeners are two that commonly show up.

I dug up my 1st Ed Seattle SB
Other gangs include the Red Hot Nukes- a dwarven gang,
The Spike Wheels and Rusted Stilletos are troll gangs
Red Rovers and Black Rains or ork gangs.

other human gangs include Leather Devils,405 Hell Hounds, Night Hunters, Brain Eaters and the Meat Junkies give you a few ways to go and themes to work with.
Oh how could I forget the Spikes!

My Elven Wheelman picked a fight with them while hopped up on Laes, NovaCoke, and Essence of NeoOyster! (Read "A Night To Never Remember" to find out why, the link is in my Sig).
I gotta lot of data on a gang called "The Dogs of War". They're a mixed racial paramilitary based group that holds down a 6 block area in the barrens.

The D>O>W( their tag, usually in safety yellow) were co-opted out of several smaller gangs and formed into a somewhat functional force by retired mercenaries returning home to the mean streets that gave them their start. The present leader ship is composed of an eight person Board of Command, with a Chief Commander over them who is chosen by a vote of confidence. Present CC is Captain Angus"Beef" Hart, a no-nonsense ,mostly Cyber veteran of more conflicts than the rest of the Board put together. As things are heating up in the barrens, his skills are really helping the D>O>W gain ground and respect among the neighboring gangs. The recent defeat (and annihilation) of the Humanis backed "Thor's Hammers" has given a discipline and sense of pride to the gang.

The gang,which resembles a Civil Air Patrol unit more than your typical streeters, is also better equipped due to the Mercenary contacts. All active members carry side arms and patrols are well armed with at least one LMG . They are light on magic, as anyone with Talent is quickly grabbed up by the merc companies that recruit out of the gang. However, they have been fostering relationships with various shadowrunner teams, offering favors and sometimes housing, weapons and other toys in return for assistance in filling the magic stuff.

The attack on the "Thors Hammers" was a retaliatory strike after the Hammers broke a non-aggression pact by attacking a D>O>W patrol. Within an hour of the ambush, the Dogs rolled over the Hammers with everything they had. Drones pounded the known hangouts in force,while teams infiltrated and systematically assassinated the leaders of the rival gang. In the ensuing chaos, the main troops rolled in led by two ancient M1A2 Abrams tanks. The tanks had been refitted with Twin Firelinked Panther cannons as the main guns and flame projectors. In under 90 minutes the Hammers ceased to exist. As word spread, the other gangs who had turf close to the D>O>W quickly sent word that they were firm allies of the Dogs and would be more than happy to help in anyway needed.

The gang operates out of an old Elementary school on the 120th ave. The school, originally the George W. Bush Memorial Elementary School, now is known as GBM1 to the gang or by the locals as 'The Pound". Part community center part fortress, it is the heart and hope of the residents who live there. The area is still barrens, but is showing sighs of lifting itself out of the decay that surrounds it .

and that, my friends, is almost exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
QUOTE (Mickle5125 @ Jun 26 2008, 11:31 PM) *
and that, my friends, is almost exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

And is also, not cannon.

Other gang names listed are from source books and the information and details are very light so as to allow the GM leeway in their portrayal of said gangs.

There are a few that I don't see listed.

For starters there are the Cutters, mainly humans, but mixed race. A wide spread gang that is basically the Hell's Angels in 2070. Into drugs, smuggling and protection rackets. They're big enough to be just shy of Organized Crime (as are the Ancients).

Also, the Chulos (I think) are an all Latino gang, mixed race. They are low level and recruit anyone who has even a little Latin heritage (and they can be prety loose on that designation). They have a large presence in the prisons up and down the West Coast and so do a hefty business in smuggling contraband into and out of them. They are also rumored to have connections to the Ghost Cartels out of Latin America.

Finally (as far as my memory is letting me go), you have the First Nations. An Ameri-Indian gang that was started by a StreetSam (who may or may not still be around) named Ghost-Who-Walks-Inside. They dress in a lot of Tribal motiffs and wear full face war paint (sometimes tatoos). They are currently running enforcement for the Yakuza, but are rumored to be gaining ties to the Soshari (again, this part if from memory, so if someone has Runner Havens available, feel free to illustrate my ignorance), the Mob of the Pueblo Corporate Council.
Daddy's Little Ninja
QUOTE (Drogos @ Jun 27 2008, 07:04 AM) *
Also, the Chulos (I think) are an all Latino gang, mixed race. .

Does their boss have a head like an octopus?
Keep in mind, gangs are generally very temporary. It's a group of 6-12 guys and gals who hang out together until something else happens. There's nothing wrong with just making up gangs on the fly, that's life on the streets. The only permanent gangs are those higher up on the food chain, the big gangs who are oftentimes so big that they're in more than one city (thing the Bloods, Crips, MS-16, Hells Angels and so on). These are fairly big organizations with their own hierarchy. On top of them are the underworld, the Yaks, Mafia, and Triads predominantly. These guys oftentimes run gangs like franchises. The Mafia wants control of a geographic area, so they give the local gang guns and drugs, and in exchange the gang pays the Mafia their dues and keeps out the other guys. When the Yaks get pissed and clean out the gang, no one really cares, and the Mafia goes and finds a new group of 6-12 guys and gals to do their dirty work.
QUOTE (Drogos @ Jun 27 2008, 07:04 AM) *
And is also, not cannon.

I am the Gm, every word that flows from my mouth is Sacred Canon! grinbig.gif grinbig.gif All who disagree are heretics and will be fed to the Drop Bears!

sorry,probably should have added that the D>O>W are my boys in my post. my bad. wobble.gif

I have always wondered how the Halloweeners survived with such a silly name. Maybe thats why they are so mean and baddass. sorta like a kid I knew back in school. His name was Mike Hunt. Got picked on all through school and fought his way all through school. He ended up joining the navy and becoming a SEAL. One tough and ornery hombre,let me tell ya. wobble.gif wobble.gif
For the record, I found it incredibly entertaining and highly useable. I was just informing him, not trying to dismiss your good work biggrin.gif
QUOTE (kanislatrans @ Jun 28 2008, 07:15 AM) *
...His name was Mike Hunt...

What method did he use to eliminate his parents? Whatever it was, they brought it on themselves...

There are laws against that kind of thing in Sweden and New Zealand, I understand. No Fifitrixabelle's either, there.
Dad knew a Tommy and Billy Gunn when he was a kid. Also mean buggers!

But gangs come about their names in weird ways. And not always by choice, either...
QUOTE (kanislatrans @ Jun 28 2008, 01:15 AM) *
His name was Mike Hunt.
He didn't happen to go into Law Enforcement, did he?
i still don't really understand the concept behind the spike wheels . . they should either be ruler of their own kingdom(come on, they are frigging trolls on motorbikes utilizing rocket launchers and the likes) or they should have been eradicated a long time ago by the racist pigs(not piggards/orks) of lone star or the tir and the ancients . .
Yeah, and how many rockets you think they have for those launchers?
Nomads are notoriously difficult to exterminate and tend to kick ass by combining superior mobility with heavy firepower.
Red Hot Nukes are a bit heavy weapon happy for me but can be fun at times.

What about the Hellhounds (human go-gang) Go-Gang = Biker gang

The Merlins, were a wizzer gang (mage gang) but have since hooked up with the Mafia and so are not so independent anymore.
QUOTE (CanRay @ Jun 30 2008, 10:38 PM) *
Yeah, and how many rockets you think they have for those launchers?

quite a lot actually, as it seems they have ties to some syndicats and of course have connections to the ork underground . .
they are going belly to nose with the ancients from time to time and are about as strong as them . .
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