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Full Version: Pro Augmentation Groups in SR
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I was wondering if there are any pro augmentation policlubs or lobbyist groups or anything of that sort in SR. I really can't say more, my PCs may be watching (and I was foolish enough to tell them my screen name a while back, before I started my campaign).
Well theres at least THE TRANSHUMAN LEAGUE but their mostly promoting gene- and bioware, you can find more info in page 41 of Loose Alliances.
There's a few. They're not very vocal, and are getting less so as it's becoming more accepted.

It started in the Militaries when Riggers started becoming available, as a gap started happening between the "Squishy Grunts" and the "Metal Grunts" started occuring. Rather similar to the Tankers and Leg Infantry of yesteryear. (And possibly today, I don't know.).
I'd go with Corps as the major backers to get more augmentations legalized. Every Corp involved in augmentations would be lobbying for lessened strictures. See the movie Thank you for Smoking for ideas as to what I'm talking about. The group the main character works for is exactly what I mean.
By Canon, I can't think of any other than the transhumanist league. Because augmentation is pretty accepted in general, I imagine it wouldn't be enough of a contentious issue for any big "Pro-Augmentation" groups.

However, there may be some specialised policlubs. Such as "The Augmented Veterans Association" and "Cybernetically Enhanced Individuals Against Augmentation Profiling" CEIAAP? Can anyone think of a better acronym? Perhaps CIBOG? "Cybered Individuals for the Betterment of Our Globe?"

I imagine that there would certainly be some people who get descriminated against on the basis of their cyberware.
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