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Full Version: S-K, Lofwyr and the Tir
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Can anyone tell me why Saeder-Krupp is banned from doing business in the Tir, especially when the chair-dragon is a member of the council of princes? I can't picture anyone telling Lofwyr where he can or can't do business, or being involved in a conflict of interests scandal or something.
Lofwyr stepped down. Hestaby took his place.

Lofwyr as a Prince is in SR2, not SR3.
That just comes out of my SR3 book, where does the info about Hestaby come from?
DotSW talks about it. Hestaby is named to the Council of Princes in 2062.
It's also in YotC.
I guess I'm still stuck in '60. smile.gif

Actually the campaign I'm playing now is still set back in 2055, some of the other players a new to SR and not in the know, but Its hard to keep one's mouth shut. I know this stuff the character doesn't.
Okay let's take this from the top.

The prohibition on Saeder-Krupp operating in Tir Tairngire is first mentioned in the TT sb. While it could be simply attributed to the fact that the Tir requires corps to be partially owned by nationals to operate within the country, it is assumed (but left unsaid) that it is actually part of the deal struck between Lofwyr and the Council of Princes that gave him his seat. This latter deduction is reinforced by recent events.

S-K and Lofwyr had suffered some bad press in the Tir as a consequence of events in Corporate Punishment adventure "Double Take" but it was Shadows of North America that updated the information on the Tir. Amongst the surprises was the information that both Lofwyr and Aithne Oakforest had stepped down from the Council and that the great dragon Hestaby had been invited to join during 2061/62.

It was explained at the time that the SONA events were originally meant to tie in to a novel which was never published (given FASA's closing) called Hidden Agendas by former SR Line Developer Mike M.

Then came Dragons of the Sixth World which allowed us to fill in some of the missing information. Lofwyr and Aithne's departures may or may not have to do with the disappearance of Glasgain (or as known some have taken to calling him Golden Snout's Breakfast). Relevant information can be found in the Lofwyr, Hestaby and Alamaise sections of the aforementioned sourcebook.

However, getting back to your question, a week or so after Lofwyr announced his resignation from the Council, S-K opened up shop in the Tir under the untried leadership of Ladmilla Reanka (a tip of the hat to the German fans out there).
While we are on the topic, something that always bugged me.

Where did Lofwyr get the name "Saeder-Krupp"?
Well, one of the major companies in his empire was Krupp Armaments, which dates back (I think) to the late 1800's. Don't ask me about the Sader aspect, however.
QUOTE (Dragons of the Sixth World @ p. 97)
2036-38: Incorporation of various holdings, including Commerzbank, Dresdner Bank, Krupp Manufacturing, Ruhr Nuclear, and the Eurocar Consortium into Saeder-Krupp Enterprises.

No word on where "Saeder" came from, but the "Krupp" part seems kind of self-explanitory from that blurb.
Herald of Verjigorm
Saeder Munitions + Krupp Manufacturing, it had the name back before Lowfyr took it. (Corp Downlead for the full history)
Ol' Scratch
Saeder-Krupp Corporation is a good read for those without Corporate Download. I do love the Big Knobi Klub, outdated as it may be..
QUOTE (Herald of Verjigorm @ Dec 16 2003, 09:30 PM)
Saeder Munitions + Krupp Manufacturing, it had the name back before Lowfyr took it.  (Corp Downlead for the full history)

Exactly. It began as the BMW corporate empire and kept expanding. Under Michel Beloit and later his wife Wilhelmina Graff-Beloit it became known as Saeder-Krupp Enterprises. When Lofwyr took it over after the Euro Wars he really pissed the old lady off but kept the name.
Which is the basis for the entire chapter on Lofwyr in DotSW.

Ancient History
Very good Moosegod. Stroke that ego.
Hey, I'm fairly new to Shadowrun, so when I know something, I feel a desire to say it.

I mean, I'm not the one with a whole site... rollin.gif
AH was referring to my ego, the Lofwyr chapter of DotSW was my first freelance gig for FanPro.
Oh. In THAT case...

It was the worse chapter every written! Every word fell upon my eyes like nails upon a chalkboard! Everything that could ever be wrong was wrong. You did things with the language that I never, ever, belivied was possible! They were just too horrible to imagine!
I've had that reaction before. Plus boils. I recommend you avoid SoE then...
Oh, I didn't even mention the physical issues.

Let's just say it reads like a medical textbook of horrible, horrible, diseases...
Other than it being made a part of the deal to allow Lofwyr on the Council to begin with, it was touted as being a "conflict of interest." And in most, more ethical governments, this would be a legitimate reason to keep that company from operating there. smile.gif
The problem here is that he joined the Council before he became head honcho of S-K. So how was it part of the deal that let him on the Council? I know that's the usual explanation, but unless he let the IEs know his plans to end up with S-K, why would they have thought to restrict him?
Herald of Verjigorm
Maybe he didn't want S-K to suffer with the effects of votes he'd make. Empower his company by penalizing all that make business in that Tir.
As I said originally it could be simply a reflection on Tir laws regarding corporate activity on their soil and the fact that Lofwyr would have had to accept that when signing on to the Council (the two events took place in relatively close succession) or it could be that the Elven Princes stipulated that Lofwyr would only be allowed to hold a seat as long as he kept all future operations and assets out of the country (ie. limiting his economic control over the Council itself) which would unbenownst to them cover S-K.
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