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Full Version: Semi-Official Unwired Errata
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Dr Funfrock
OK, so I thought this was a good idea. Unfortunately crizh's thread got hijacked all to hell, so I've collected the useful bits and started again here. Try to play nice this time, children.

For those who didn't see the original thread, this is a collection of all the "semi-official" errata for Unwired, as given by various Catalyst staff, etc, on these forums or anywhere else, whilst we wait for a full errata (probably some time in coming, since we're still waiting for BBB 1.8, Arsenal and Augmentation).

QUOTE (Synner @ Jun 28 2008, 07:53 PM) *
I did say that some stuff required clarification and errata. That's one of them. Errata will include a line to say that at the GMs discretion all updates can be located with a single search (using the highest availablity) and bought paying the sum total for patches. GMs may even allow straight trade offs of patches of equal value that you've coded yourself without negotiating. Alternatively, assuming characters have a regular source/supplier such as a cracker group and makes a point of maintaining their contacts, GMs wishing to minimize Tests may allow them to update everything by adding the sum total of the patch costs to the character's monthly Lifestyle expenses. (This latter option will be bolstered with the Group and Virtual Contact rules in Runner's Companion.) The month and two month degradation intervals were chosen specifically to tie into Lifestyle intervals if desired.

Another issue requiring clarification is exactly what programs do degrade. That'll be addressed soon.

Availability Tests do not apply at character generation and characters who buy programs at chargen are assumed to begin play with all of them legal - unless the gamemaster allows players access to the Cracker Underground at chargen so they can be picked up at a lower cost but as cracked warez. Each group decides. Heck, a player can even begin with a legal program cracked at the start of play, that's his perrogative. Regardless, keeping track of degradaton simply means putting a C for cracked next to the program line on your character sheet and jotting down the cost to keep it at its current value and whether its monthly or bimonthly in a patch column.

QUOTE (Synner @ Jun 27 2008, 08:42 PM) *
The section about being able to spoof an agent's Access ID when uploading was a remnant from a previous draft and should have been removed. Unfortunately we missed it in proofing. It will be corrected in the first errata. The Access ID of an agent is integral to its code and was only intended to be changed with a patch.

QUOTE (LabRat @ Jun 25 2008, 03:37 PM) *
QUOTE (Unwired)

If a technomancer assists an entropic sprite in a reassembling
process (p. 158), sacrificing one of his registered sprites and
participating in the ritual recoding of the sprite can be used as a
submersion task.

It is a mistake that results from a previous version, when the free sprites were called entropic sprites and the entropic sprites were called wicked sprites. It changed and apparently I forgot to change that and it managed to sneak past Editing and Proofing. Damn!

I meant to post this in the other thread, but I lost track of it in the derail. I can't for the life of me remember _which_ Unwired thread it was in, but there was one semi-errata bit mentioned by the author of the chapter that had the play by play example of the hacker breaking into a Choson lair node.

The confusion that was cleared up by the author was that they were trying to illustrate that an active alert can be turned on without a specific hacker target. In other words, just on the suspicion that the node is being hacked (like by a piece of IC being unloaded suddenly) a general alert can be set off that will trigger whatever the node script does with alerts. It won't give the +4 firewall bonus against the hacker though I believe since no specific target is specified. Just an interesting bit that I found useful to know since I can't remember it being specified elsewhere.

Anyways, if someone knows who that author was, it'd be a quick search by forum name to find that post and actually link it. If no one finds it, I'll go searching tomorrow sometime.
Not a semi-offical errata yet but a potential candiate for being one: The text for "Finding/Reparing Bugs" on p.119 lists a threshold and interval that do not match the ones listed under the Advanced Programming Table.
Something that has been pointed out that needs clarification:

Nexi can generate System x 3 Personas. Table accompanying the rules follows this rule but the nexi in the gear chapter don't follow rule.
Rotbart van Dainig
QUOTE (Synner)
Another issue requiring clarification is exactly what programs do degrade. That'll be addressed soon.

Duke Nukem Forever soon? spin.gif
Nah, that's Valve Time "soon", which means when DNF goes gold. That's at least several years sooner than the retail release!
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